Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Swine Flu strikes the Thomas Clan....well, kindof

The Mighty Raptors had a huge tourney planned for this weekend in metro Bham. SEVEN of the Might Raptors, Myself, EK, MikeyT, and Unc were all scheduled to stay the weekend with my in-laws. We had it all planned. They kids were excited. Mikey T was excited. Emma Kate was BEYOND excited. MeMe and Hoppy were.......well, even they were excited (and scared!!!).
Then this text message came early this morning.....

"Tourney postponed--swine flu....."

Yep, it seems Hoover High School, one of the hosts, decided against germs from 11 year old boys from all over the state and beyond to converge into their gym, and the other hosts soon followed suit. Probably smart, but devastating to this chic......

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