Monday, April 13, 2009


Grandparents are special. I know this firsthand because I am lucky enough to still have three of mine here on this earth!

My Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa are amazing. I like to think that I am like them-- (and like my mom) smart, funny and down-to-earth. I strive to be as frugal as they are, but fail miserably.

My grandmommy (AKA Bean) is probably one of the strongest people I know. She has seen considerable loss in her life; she has endured more than most people ever could imagine. She has lost a son, a husband and a grandson all too early from sudden accidents. Another son nearly tore her family apart, but she has managed to hold on to those she loves dearly. Her faith is amazing and I strive to be as loving as she is.

I only knew one of Mike's grandmothers, his Dad's mom, Emma Katherine. Emma Kate is her namesake and I am privileged to have known "Gan" while Mike and I dated in high school.

Emma Kate is blessed to have three very fine grandparents of her own and I cannot explain how much I lean on each one of them.

My mother, living down the street and all, loves Emma Kate (and my nephews) and gives selflessly to them. She sees Emma Kate at her worst, quite frequently (late afternoons--see earlier posts), and she still offers to get her from school every afternoon (after she has been surrounded by 100 tenth graders all day, ugh). Emma Kate is not always pleasant to her MaMa but Emma Kate is always welcome at her house and she knows it. That is a huge source of constant comfort to Emma Kate (AND ME!!).

On top of that, my grandparents and mom pulled Ashley into our family as if she were blood the day Mike and I were married never thinking for once that she was any different than anyone else in our family. They have loved and treated her like she was my own biological daughter and for that I am forever grateful.

Mike's mom spoils Emma Kate and Ashley like it is her job! I have no doubt that if it were an option, she would quit her job, move to Auburn and keep Emma Kate full time.....and like it! Her granddaughters are her pride and joy and they will never fully understand how much MeMe has sacrificed to keep them happy.

And finally, Hoppy. Emma Kate is madly in love with her grandfather and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. They have a special bond that will never be broken. That is the one person that Emma Kate has never shown her bad side and probably never will. At one point I thought it was because she shares Hoppy's momma's name or because he pretty much has the monopoly on the grandad thing, but I don't think either of those things is really it. I think they are just kindred spirits. Hoppy works hard and is a quiet soul, but his girls (Ashley and Emma Kate) are the joy in his life.

I know this is a bit mushier than my usual posts, but we were talking a lot about grandparents today in the office and when you hear others talking, you realize that what you have is special.

So--to PaPa, MaMaG, Grandmommy, MaMa, MeMe and Hoppy--thanks for everything you do for Mike and Me and especially our girls!

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