Friday, February 27, 2009

Emma Kate vs. The Shampoo

I mentioned this a while back, but I just now got around to uploading the pictures. Before I go any further, I just want to make a comment about blogging. Birthday Twin and I were just talking last night how all of these blogs are about all of these wonderful mothers who bake and craft all day and have semi-perfect children. I do craft (I don't bake) and to me, my child is pretty near perfect. However, my family has SURVIVED (and I mean really, survived) on humor. S-U-R-V-I-V-E-D.

I remember laughing a lot as a child. I remember laughing a lot in high school and EVEN more in college. We even managed to find humor when Mike was in the hospital (Todd, remember Pizza Hut and tailgating in the cardio wing?); when mom was in the hospital (it is pretty much a given that when my brothers are around, we are laughing. Add mom's friends and my uncles and it is a par-tay.) and during any other family crisis.

So, we still laugh, a lot.

There are times when Emma Kate sits around, eats her dinner, takes a bath and we have normal nights. They are rare, and that is fine with me. And while her safety is my number one concern, I am going to be real. I am going to tell you about the time she eats chalk and the time she (enter crazy, wild, unimaginable thing here.) And once I know she is safe and sound, we will laugh about it.

I will now step down from my soap box and tell you the latest story...

So what had happened was......

Last weekend Mom, EK and I went to Birmingham for a whirlwind trip. We started at Cousin Kennedy's baby shower in Hoover, looped over to Patton Creek for a lunch date with one of mom & my favorite gals (Phyllis), shot over to NaNa's for cake and ice cream /birthday celebration,

How is this kid already SEVEN???and hopped over to MeMe and Hoppy's house to visit.

Once all of that was done, it was time to get on the road. MeMe, the super-grandma that she is, packed EK some snacks for the road. Emma Kate had found some hotel-sized shampoos and conditioners in a bedroom and MeMe was sweet enough to let EK have them. She threw them in with EK's snacks and sent us on our way.

We scooted down I-65 and were SURE that EK had fallen asleep to her fav CD (and mom's & mine, too) Andrea Bocelli. It was quiet and she had not napped ALL DAY.

About CALERA I tell mom that something smells like really strong perfume. Ick. It was getting stronger. And since the only smells that usually come out of Calera are from the SPICE PLANT, we knew it was internal. Mom and I say at the same time---"Emma Kate???"

I look back and Emma Kate, very awake, has two shampoo bottles completely upside down and pouring into her lap. We only have KLEENEX in the car and it is no match for the icky, thick shampoo.

We had JUST PASSED the last Calera exit and could not pull off until CHILTON COUNTY. So, I continued to attempt to clean the mess with Kleenex, as we were in MaMa's nice, clean car.

We finally pull off about 10 miles later and I (quickly snap a shot) change EK into the size YOUTH Small tee that is in the car??? (Yes, I had a change of clothes, but it was a dress and tights. Shampoo covered body and putting tights on, not a good mix)

We did manage to make it home without further incident.

Stay tuned and soon I will post about EK vs. McDonalds. Never a dull moment. HeHeHe.

Our Disney Parade

Look at

It is a disney contest. Maybe we will win and we can go see Ashley Fay!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parting is such sweet tea sorrow....

Today marks the first day of Lent. This is my favorite time of year and second favorite holiday. (Christmas, of course, is first.) I always give something up for Lent and this year, like in years past, it is sweet tea. That will be difficult for me, as I do not drink coffee and usually get my only caffeine fix from a glorious glass of sweet tea. Mmmmm.
But, despite the 'no sweet tea' thing, I love this time of year. I love the lessons at church during time. I love Ash Wednesday service (I am getting my ashes tonight). I love the weather and the flowers blooming. I love Easter Cantatas and egg hunts. And EASTER DRESSES are my favorite. I have already designed Emma Kate's in my head and just have to find the time to make it. It will probably be late one night, after EK has gone to sleep and I will be super tired from a long day. I will sit at the sewing machine and reach for my sweet tea to keep me motivated. Oh, sweet tea until Easter morning.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's Post

Sorry, I will have to post today's actual post tomorrow. Why? Because this is on...

And he is hosting.... And because my literary obsession will be in attendance.

Oh yeah, and some of my imaginary BFF's are there too.
So, I must watch. I will tell you all about Emma Kate vs. the Shampoo tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pic of the Week!

Emma Kate was chosen as the Auburn-Opelika picture of the week!
She won a free yogurt at TCBY!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Mommy..iss yucky."

Picture this:
Time: Sunday morning--running late for church

Place: Master Bath

Cast: Mommy & Emma Kate
I put Emma Kate in front of the TV with a bowl full of cheerios. Deadbolt locked the front door, thinking to myself "There is no telling where she would try to go while I am in the shower."

Mike was already gone for the morning, so I jumped in the shower to get ready for church.

I do not take long showers, so I thought EK would at least watch 6 minutes of Handy Manny. She's not a big TV fan, but she loves music and cheerios, and a screwdriver was singing in spanglish on tv, so I thought I may be safe. I was wrong.

Me: Singing in the shower....when a "knock-knock-knock-" on my shower door interrupts me. "What baby?"
EK: Mommy, isss yucky.
Me: Thinking--did she just take off her own diaper again? "What's yucky?"

EK: 'Dis is yucky.

Me: Slinging open the shower door, grabbing the towel. I see EK, standing there holding an open bottle of this............

I jump out of the shower and grab the bottle. CVS Brand ACETONE FingerNail Polish remover. Harmful if ingested. I lean down to smell her mouth and WHEW a big 'ol whif of acetone. NICE.
I grab the cell phone on the counter and as I am 'bout to hit my speed dial button for Poison Control (YES, I have called them several times and YES they are on speed dial.) mom calls.
Me: Callin' poison control. Click.
Within three seconds I was explaining to the nurse that my child had downed a large portion of the purple poison. I was wrapped in a towel, dripping wet. My doorbell rings. I think, if it is mom, she will just come in. If it is not, I do not care who it is. Then I realize that I LOCKED the front door before the shower.

Nurse: How much is missing?


Emma Kate: Dorry Mommy. Dorry Mommy

Me: Um, I cannot say. I think it was half full, and now it is a quarter full.

Nurse: OK, well, does she have it on her clothes.


Emma Kate:EWWWWWWWW mommy. it nasssy.

Door: Ding Dong Ding Dong


Me: Um, yes, there is some on her shirt. Her mouth smells of the stuff. Do I need to take her to the hospital?

Mom: Knock, knock--Amy--what is going ONNNNNNNNNNNNN???

I finally get to the door to let mom in, Lucy stops barking, mom disrobes EK.
The nurse proceeds to tell me that she doesn't think EK would have ingested a lot if she thought it was so "nasssy." I was instructed to give her some juice and crackers and watch her for nausea for an hour and they would call back. She was fine and had no side effects.
Am I a bad mother? I wish I could tell you that this was my first time calling poison control. It is more like my 7th. Yes 7th. She finds everything. She will climb cabinets, move mountains and squeeze through mouse holes to get into stuff. She has been un-screwing tops since she was 8 months old. I thought we were past the "put anything in her mouth" phase, but I guess I was wrong!

She is so curious and has no desire to sit and watch TV. I guess she will just have to be tethered down when I take showers from now on.

Meet LaBron

I don't know if I spelled that right. Oh well. Meet LaBron. This little fella showed up on my street last Thursday. He is super cute, house trained and sweet as could be. He still has some puppy in him, and he does not understand the concept of CARS. Since we live on a fairly busy road in Opelika, we put him in our backyard hoping someone would post a sign for their little lost puppy.
Here we are on Monday and still no signs. No one has come forward as his rightful owner...well except Emma Kate. She is in love with this dog. He is just her size and loves her to death. Lucy is still not sure about the whole thing.
So, here is the deal. We DO NOT NEED A NEW DOG. We have Lucy. She is enough for our family! BUT-I cannot take this lil' guy to the pound. So ANYONE thinking that they want a new puppy---PLEASE let me know. He is a really good pup and I would love to find him a good home, just not ours!!
He came with a collar but no tags. HE is house-trained, but likes to be indoors! He is not "fixed" and has really taken a liking to one of Emma Kate's stuffed animals. Mike has named him LaBron (this basketball fixation is getting old!).
If you know the owner or think you may be interested in housing this lil' guy, shoot me a message!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worth more than a dollar...

Don't you love that kids have no concept of money. Especially now, when things are so crazy and EVERYONE is worried about money and jobs and the future? They couldn't care less and they (at least mine) like a penny better than a quarter and don't blink about a dollar.

Emma Kate received a dollar bill from her MeMe this past weekend. At first she didn't care too much for it. Now, she is very proud of it.

She colored "that man" and added her version of a dog. Now that is worth more than the paper it's printed on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Child

Emma Kate had a boo boo that mommy had to put medicine on last night. She was laying in bed with daddy and I was trying to hold a warm wash cloth on the boo boo.

Emma Kate was screaming "No Mommy, peaaaas, no mommy."

I told her that I was not trying to hurt her, but I had to fix her boo boo.

She started to cry, and like when you take your child to get shots, I began to tear up as well.

Big silent tears welled up in my eyes, and ran down the side of my nose.

Emma Kate looked up at my face and reached her tiny little hand to catch one of my tears on her finger.

"No cy-in' mommy. No cy-in."

And she wiped my tears away. Poor baby, in pain, stopped worrying about herself and just wanted to make me, the grown up, feel better.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

So excited....

This weekend will be packed with giggles and love yous because these people are coming in town:

Also, my dear friend and birthday twin and her hubby are coming in to watch the Auburn Tigers play some bball....

So, we will be doing our normal crazy Saturday--Nuggets and then Auburn basketball without a nap. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow-the last weekend in January was packed.

Emma Kate started Friday with Pajama Day at school.

Then, we headed to the gymnastics meet that evening with Ma-Ma and Uncle Mike and AuntDebbie. Emma Kate did great and really enjoyed watching random Auburn students painted orange. Oh yeah, and the gymnasts were pretty cool, too. And Aubie was there, so it was an all-around success.

Saturday we had the Nuggets game (they are 4-0!!) first, then the Auburn v. Vandy game (not as successful for the Tigers). Emma Kate flirted with everyone around us, loved on Aubie and fell asleep on Bean's lap in the fourth quarter. Emma Kate doesn't understand why Aubie is not at dad's basketball games. She also looked very cute in her Auburn atire. A random old man walked up to us and told her she was "cuter than two pups under a red wagon."

Sunday we headed to church and Emma Kate was devastasted that MinnyMinnon (Mary Mckinnon) was not there. After church, we had an Eagle Ridge Super Bowl Party at our house.

By Sunday night, Emma Kate's eye looked like this...

It is a STYE and it is gross. We have to get it to OOOZZEEEE itself or an opthamologist will become surgically involved.
Did I mention that eyeball stuff makes me queesy. Like, I may just throw up thinking about it. I pass out at the eye doctor when they puff that air in your eyeball. Blugh. So, we are going to make sure that this STYE oooozzes itself because I could not handle eye surgery. Ick. HeeebieJeeebies.