Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peek

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emma Houdini

I have been looking back at old pictures to prepare for Emma Kate's 4th birthday post (let's not talk about that, it cannot be possible that she is 4.....or only 4.....I'm not sure which).  Looking back I remember that baby girl never liked restraints.  At four months old, she inched her way out of her pumpkin seat while I took a 3 minute shower.  
At just over 6 months, the DAY I had knee surgery, she decided to go mobile and crawl. At 8 months she scaled the first of many baby gates and hurled herself to the other side.  At 10 months she pushed a box over to our front door, crawled upon the box, turned the doorknob, pushed the box back away from the door and crawled down the front stairs into a pile of leaves in the front yard, which is where I found her.  At eleven months, she learned how to undo the buckles on her forward-facing car seat and when I looked in my rear view mirror I saw her standing up in the back seat waving at those behind us....on the interstate.  (This is the famous day when I used packing tape to get her home safely)  She walked to her 1 year old birthday party like a pro.  At 14 months she could unlock deadbolts and get out any front or back faster than we could get to her. 
At 16 months, she snuck out of Bean's house and was at MaMa's front door before we knew she was even gone. Luckily they were only two houses from one another. At 18 months she was in a big girl bed for good, since she just crawled out of her crib or pack-in-play. 
 Additionally, she never wanted to be in the ride, unless she had control. She had a zebra with wheels that she would ride down the hill at full speed at 18 months.  She never wanted to be in the wagon or car, only pushing or pulling it.
 I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Well, it seems old habits die hard. Last night, she wanted some candy and we told her no.  Five minutes later, this is what I found.........

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Serious Tailgater

Emma Kate loves some Auburn. We have known this for awhile.  Recently, however, her love for Auburn has grown leaps and bounds. Maybe it is the excitement in the air for this year's football team. Maybe it is the excitement in the air about the new arena. Maybe her and Aubie are getting serious. Whatever the reason, it is hilarious to watch.  And let me tell you something else, girl knows how to tailgate. She gets up early on Saturdays and lays out her Aubie Cheerleading outfit, with matching bow and shoes.  She helps dad pack the cooler and then grabs her shakers. Once we park the car, she INSISTS on pulling the cooler, which is bigger than she is. She wants NO help (we get a lot of mean looks-people think we are making her pull it!!)  Once we get to the tailgate, she is the most popular gal there.  She hugs and loves on everyone there-- related or not.  She watches football on the big tv and plays football with the boys. She goes non-stop until gametime.

Once in the game, she watches the band and the players. She cheers WAR EAGLE when the eagle flies and she puts her hand over her heart when the National Anthem plays.  She knows and sings the fight song and all the cheers (BoddaGetta is her favorite).  Then....she watches the game.  No really, she watches the game. She knows what it means to get a touchdown, and extra point or a field goal. She knows what defense is and cheers GOOOOOOOO AUBIESSSSSSSSSS TEAMMMMMMMMM as loud as she possibly can.  Occasionaly, she will spot her boyfriend and say, "Der is Aubie, he is so SILLY," and then she watches the game again.  Ususally, she makes the entire game. This past week, our row was a little crowded and she and MaMa headed back to the tailgate early.  After the game, she plays some more and we have to practically tear her away when it is time to leave. 

She has all that love for Auburn football. You would think it was her favorite, but now, at least once a day I hear "Mom, when is it Aubie's BASKETBALL time?" Soon, Emma Kate, very soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goo Goo

Emma Kate picked out a great pumpkin at the patch.  It sat in the pantry for three days, waiting to be carved.  I am pretty sure that Mikey T was more excited than Emma Kate about the potential pumpkin carving.  One evening, I send him to the BBQ place to pick up some supper.  An hour later, he came home with some Subway sandwiches and a Pumpkin Carving Kit from Wally-World.  Since it was late, I made the two children in my home (Mikey T and Emma Kate) wait until the next day to commence the carving ceremony.  The two could barely stand the 20 hour wait.  We picked out a rather easy pattern and went to town.  The result is one Pumpkin named "Goo Goo" and two very proud carvers.  (And one momma with LOTS of pictures!)


Monday, October 11, 2010

A real post coming soon.......

......about the nightmare that is bedtime in our home.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of our crazy weekend.