Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goo Goo

Emma Kate picked out a great pumpkin at the patch.  It sat in the pantry for three days, waiting to be carved.  I am pretty sure that Mikey T was more excited than Emma Kate about the potential pumpkin carving.  One evening, I send him to the BBQ place to pick up some supper.  An hour later, he came home with some Subway sandwiches and a Pumpkin Carving Kit from Wally-World.  Since it was late, I made the two children in my home (Mikey T and Emma Kate) wait until the next day to commence the carving ceremony.  The two could barely stand the 20 hour wait.  We picked out a rather easy pattern and went to town.  The result is one Pumpkin named "Goo Goo" and two very proud carvers.  (And one momma with LOTS of pictures!)


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