Saturday, December 18, 2010

There was a Haircut today

But, it was not planned. It was similar to this one....I came home from shopping and Mikey T was enjoying a deep slumber on the couch. The house looked like a tornado had come inside each room and scattered books, wrapped Christmas presents, toys and glitter (yes GLITTER).  It was a disaster area. I was too (mad) concerned with what happened to Emma Kate's head to think about taking a picture of the disaster area.  I immediately asked Emma Kate to look at me. There was a clean cut above her left ear.  ABOVE the ear. I demanded to know where the hair was, like maybe if I found it in time we could put it on ice and it could be reattached.  She told me in a whimper that she had hidden it under her pillow upstairs.

We headed straight to the hair salon, where they attempted to "fix" the situation without having to give her a full blown mullet.  Here are the before and after. 

And before you think she has the Auburn version of chicken pox, those are self-applied mini-AU tattoos on ever part of her face, including her eyeLID. She told the haircut lady that was for when she winked at her boyfriend Aubie. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am finally talking to Mikey T again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turns Out, I am Really Bad at Hiding Gifts

I really need to apologize to this guy. He trusted me with a job and I failed is how it all went down...

Last night, Ma-ma, Emma Kate and I were chillin' at the house eating some chik-fil-a.  My sweet, innocent child politely asked if she may be excused to go upstairs and watch Wizards of Waverly Place, her new obsession.  So proud of my sweet angel, I said, "sure" and thought nothing more of it......until I heard.....

EK: HEYYYYYYYY MOM and MaMa, You will never believe! I found all of this great stuff that is mine.

Immediately, my mind is racing.  Did she find some old toys we packed up to take to Salvation Army? Did she just look in the black hole that is the other side of her bed and find toys and hairbows she has been missing for months?  Because surely.....CERTAINLY....she did not find any of the things Mommy had been hiding on behalf of Santa Claus.  Right?  RIGHT?!??

While I looked at mom in the  "OMG this isn't happening panic mode" look, Mom reacted with poise and calmly said, "What? What is it? Let's see?"

My child carefully walks down the stairs holding a stack of toys, all brand-spanking new, ranging from board games, to Disney Princess books and makeup, to art supplies.  She is carrying it with pride and the grin reaches from ear to ear. She keeps telling us that it is the stuff she found and it is hers.

I then go into, "No, silly! That is for Ella Grace and Stella and Mary McKinnon. That is where I keep their birthday and Christmas presents. In fact, you have to pick one to give to Stella at your party Friday!"

This was not acceptable. "No, Mommy, they are mine and I found them! --ENTER TANTRUM HERE.

Of course she was devastated. These were not random presents. These were all things HAND PICKED especially for her based on her likes and current obsessions.  It was like going into a candy store and then being told you are insulin resistant and cannot have any of it (and I know how that feels-another post).

And I was equally as devastated. Luckily, her bigger surprises are either still at the North Pole or hidden in DECENT spots, unlike the stash she was now holding in her arms.

Luckily,  I think we have escaped in major catastrophes. We will be giving some of these to Toys for Tots on Saturday, some to friends and some have been wrapped as gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Anything else remaining in the house will be sent to MaMa's until December 24.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleepy Time....

Emma Kate has never been a great sleeper. She just goes 100 mph from first thing in the morning until late at night. Bedtime has gotten better, thanks to this......

It is liquid mean melatonin and it's ok, this lovely lady recommended it.....
That is my sweet friend, Brooke. We were sorority sisters back in the day and now she is Dr. Mimmimmis (Williams), Emma Kate's pediatrician. We love her and Emma Kate NEVER dreads going to the doctor, because she loves her as much as I do (and she knows there is always a princess sticker waiting for her).
  For at least the past 18 months, maybe longer, Emma Kate did not go to sleep until midnight or later.  It was as if she just couldn't turn her little brain off. We had tried everything, schedule changes, bedtime routines, reading, singing, sound machines, all of it.  And still, she just could not get to sleep.  Once she fell asleep, she would sleep like a rock, but getting there was impossible.
Dr. Mimmimiis has worked with us for awhile trying to get EK on the right schedule, and finally, she suggested that we try melatonin. Now, they do not sell melatonin anywhere in town in any form other than tablet, so Walgreens was nice enough to order it. The next day at noon, I spent the BEST $4.10 I have ever spent.
Now, we are fast asleep by 9:00. 9:oo pm. It is like a whole new world for us.  She is happier and easier, and I realize that those hours between 9-11pm, when I used to be frustrated and exhausted, can be used for laundry, sewing, facebooking, or even NOTHING. I have caught up on my favorite shows and cleaned out my DVR. 
Now, Dr. Mimmmisss hopes we are not on melatonin too long. The hope is that Emma Kate's brain realizes how much it likes sleep and adapts to the new schedule.   But I will happily shell out $4.10 again if needed!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Xavier's Epic Fail

I could not wait for the return of our little elf, Xavier.  I was ready for him to assist me in the "going to bed" issue we have in our home. There was a slight tweaking necessary, because when Emma Kate talked about her beloved Xavier, she mentioned that he had freckles.  Now, the Xavier I remembered did not have freckles, so Xavier stopped by Santa's workshop for a quick freckle makeover before heading the the Thomas home. So, last week, Xavier decided to show up in the Christmas tree that is in Emma Kate's room. 
I went over to her bed and tapped her little shoulder as she slept. I told her that it looked like she had a visitor in her tree. Before her eyes opened, a grin spread across her little face. She had been anticipating his arrival as well and I could tell it was going to be one of those heart-melting moments when she opened her eyes and ran over to fine her little elf friend there to watch over her until Christmas. Except, it didn't quite happen like that.
She did eventually open her little eyes, peel out of bed and run over to her tree. Then the conversation went south. Her cute little glow turned into a wretched red-faced-monster.

EK: MOMMA, she screamed, on the verge of tears, THAT IS NOT MY XAVIER!
Me: No, Emma Kate, it is! See, he even has (perfectly placed) freckles!
EK: (now crying) NOOOOO! Those freckles are FAKE. You just painted those on some dumb toy elf!!
Me: (now also on the verge of tears) No, Emma Kate, I did not paint freckles! I mean, who would PAINNNT freckles on an elf???
EK: Well, I dont know, but that is not my elf. My elf is bigger and real-er. That is just a toy.

Oh my. This was going south and getting there fast.  In her mind, her elf was a magical little creature with "real-er" features and much bigger.  Reality was disappointing her something serious. I was not ready to have the "I don't believe" talk with my recently-turned-four-year old.  Instead I attempted (failing miserably) to change the subject, and hurriedly get her ready for school. We went down stairs and the first thing she told her father was that I was "being so mean and teasing her about a fake Xavier and she didn't like me anymore but she still loved me because she loves me even when I am mean and teasing her about her elf."

Mikey T tried (also failing miserably) to diffuse the situation by claiming that maybe Xavier earned a new outfit and that he only looks fake when we were awake and that since no one knew how he got into the tree, he must have flown, proving he is the magical Xavier we all know and love.  But. She. Was. Not. Buying. It.

We decided to send Xavier back to his home for a few days so that he could think about what he had done and with the hopes that the absence would make Emma Kate's heart grow fonder.

A few days later, Xavier did indeed return, to Emma Kate's delight he was high above her doll house and there was no logical way he could have gotten there short of being a magical creature that flies.  She pronounced that "Maybe Mommy is right, maybe that is the real Xavier!" Since then, the crazy little elf had made his rounds and shown up in crazy places at crazy times.  Emma Kate now adores her little-fake-looking-not-real-er elf and looks forward to finding him each day......and this momma can breathe a little easier, until next year.

It's official

My child officially loves Auburn more than I do. And I didn't think that was possible.  During the SEC championship game, she slipped while wearing her fancy new "Cow Gore (she cannot pronounce girl, so it is Gore, as in Al)" boots."  She was very upset and ended up falling asleep. We were watching her closely and waking her up every hour to make sure it was not a concussion. It wasn't.  But, since she was still very much asleep when the AUBURN TIGERS claimed victory over the Gamecocks in the Championship game, Mom and I decided to head to Toomer's without her while the Michaels  (Mikey T and Unc) stayed behind to watch her.

Mom and I went and it was glorious. It was like a snowfall over the corner of Magnolia and College Streets.  There were a gazillion people there, so I took some video and some pics and we headed back without even throwing the first roll of toilet paper.
A few hours later, now about 9:30, Emma Kate wakes up and wants to know first and foremost is her beloved Aubie and Cam won the game. When we explained that they had, she immediately demanded to go to Toomer's.  I did not know if anyone would still be there, so I agreed to bundle her up and she and I would head over to take a glance.
Glancing was not good enough for Emma Kate. At 9:45, we parked the car and she ran to the corner and threw three rolls of TP into a smaller magnolia tree behind the big majestic live oaks that were already covered. There were still plenty of people there. At one point we walked down to Samford Hall and the official Auburn sign, where she proceeded to pose and cheer for all who walked or drove by.  She shouted "WAR EAGLE" at every passing car and when we heard sirens, she immediately knew that it was her team "returning home." As the buses full of football players, cheerleaders and band members cruised by, she about flipped out.  She demanded that I take her to the corner--not so she could see them, but rather, so "Aubie and Cam can see me and know that I am here."  (Because I am sure they were wondering.)
Mikey T made his way over about 11:00 and we finally wrapped up the celebration party with a few more tosses of toilet paper and a few more pictures.  I was worn out, but of course Emma Kate asked when we would be back.........and I told her Saturday after Cam wins the HEISMAN!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

November Rain

I have always loved that song. That is what November always is....rain.  Constant.  Aside from a few very important birthdays, which I will blog about in December, Novembers always suck.  This November has taken the trophy of worst November ever. I have lost a friend and mentor.  A close friend lost their child.  There are people I love dearly that are hurting. I constantly worry about one of the  most important people in my life.  It has been long and hard and I will be glad when it is over.  Just a few more days. 
HOWEVER, there have been some moments of pure joy in this month, and for that I am grateful.  Here are a few snapshots from the month.......

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emma Houdini

I have been looking back at old pictures to prepare for Emma Kate's 4th birthday post (let's not talk about that, it cannot be possible that she is 4.....or only 4.....I'm not sure which).  Looking back I remember that baby girl never liked restraints.  At four months old, she inched her way out of her pumpkin seat while I took a 3 minute shower.  
At just over 6 months, the DAY I had knee surgery, she decided to go mobile and crawl. At 8 months she scaled the first of many baby gates and hurled herself to the other side.  At 10 months she pushed a box over to our front door, crawled upon the box, turned the doorknob, pushed the box back away from the door and crawled down the front stairs into a pile of leaves in the front yard, which is where I found her.  At eleven months, she learned how to undo the buckles on her forward-facing car seat and when I looked in my rear view mirror I saw her standing up in the back seat waving at those behind us....on the interstate.  (This is the famous day when I used packing tape to get her home safely)  She walked to her 1 year old birthday party like a pro.  At 14 months she could unlock deadbolts and get out any front or back faster than we could get to her. 
At 16 months, she snuck out of Bean's house and was at MaMa's front door before we knew she was even gone. Luckily they were only two houses from one another. At 18 months she was in a big girl bed for good, since she just crawled out of her crib or pack-in-play. 
 Additionally, she never wanted to be in the ride, unless she had control. She had a zebra with wheels that she would ride down the hill at full speed at 18 months.  She never wanted to be in the wagon or car, only pushing or pulling it.
 I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Well, it seems old habits die hard. Last night, she wanted some candy and we told her no.  Five minutes later, this is what I found.........

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Serious Tailgater

Emma Kate loves some Auburn. We have known this for awhile.  Recently, however, her love for Auburn has grown leaps and bounds. Maybe it is the excitement in the air for this year's football team. Maybe it is the excitement in the air about the new arena. Maybe her and Aubie are getting serious. Whatever the reason, it is hilarious to watch.  And let me tell you something else, girl knows how to tailgate. She gets up early on Saturdays and lays out her Aubie Cheerleading outfit, with matching bow and shoes.  She helps dad pack the cooler and then grabs her shakers. Once we park the car, she INSISTS on pulling the cooler, which is bigger than she is. She wants NO help (we get a lot of mean looks-people think we are making her pull it!!)  Once we get to the tailgate, she is the most popular gal there.  She hugs and loves on everyone there-- related or not.  She watches football on the big tv and plays football with the boys. She goes non-stop until gametime.

Once in the game, she watches the band and the players. She cheers WAR EAGLE when the eagle flies and she puts her hand over her heart when the National Anthem plays.  She knows and sings the fight song and all the cheers (BoddaGetta is her favorite).  Then....she watches the game.  No really, she watches the game. She knows what it means to get a touchdown, and extra point or a field goal. She knows what defense is and cheers GOOOOOOOO AUBIESSSSSSSSSS TEAMMMMMMMMM as loud as she possibly can.  Occasionaly, she will spot her boyfriend and say, "Der is Aubie, he is so SILLY," and then she watches the game again.  Ususally, she makes the entire game. This past week, our row was a little crowded and she and MaMa headed back to the tailgate early.  After the game, she plays some more and we have to practically tear her away when it is time to leave. 

She has all that love for Auburn football. You would think it was her favorite, but now, at least once a day I hear "Mom, when is it Aubie's BASKETBALL time?" Soon, Emma Kate, very soon.