Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turns Out, I am Really Bad at Hiding Gifts

I really need to apologize to this guy. He trusted me with a job and I failed is how it all went down...

Last night, Ma-ma, Emma Kate and I were chillin' at the house eating some chik-fil-a.  My sweet, innocent child politely asked if she may be excused to go upstairs and watch Wizards of Waverly Place, her new obsession.  So proud of my sweet angel, I said, "sure" and thought nothing more of it......until I heard.....

EK: HEYYYYYYYY MOM and MaMa, You will never believe! I found all of this great stuff that is mine.

Immediately, my mind is racing.  Did she find some old toys we packed up to take to Salvation Army? Did she just look in the black hole that is the other side of her bed and find toys and hairbows she has been missing for months?  Because surely.....CERTAINLY....she did not find any of the things Mommy had been hiding on behalf of Santa Claus.  Right?  RIGHT?!??

While I looked at mom in the  "OMG this isn't happening panic mode" look, Mom reacted with poise and calmly said, "What? What is it? Let's see?"

My child carefully walks down the stairs holding a stack of toys, all brand-spanking new, ranging from board games, to Disney Princess books and makeup, to art supplies.  She is carrying it with pride and the grin reaches from ear to ear. She keeps telling us that it is the stuff she found and it is hers.

I then go into, "No, silly! That is for Ella Grace and Stella and Mary McKinnon. That is where I keep their birthday and Christmas presents. In fact, you have to pick one to give to Stella at your party Friday!"

This was not acceptable. "No, Mommy, they are mine and I found them! --ENTER TANTRUM HERE.

Of course she was devastated. These were not random presents. These were all things HAND PICKED especially for her based on her likes and current obsessions.  It was like going into a candy store and then being told you are insulin resistant and cannot have any of it (and I know how that feels-another post).

And I was equally as devastated. Luckily, her bigger surprises are either still at the North Pole or hidden in DECENT spots, unlike the stash she was now holding in her arms.

Luckily,  I think we have escaped in major catastrophes. We will be giving some of these to Toys for Tots on Saturday, some to friends and some have been wrapped as gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Anything else remaining in the house will be sent to MaMa's until December 24.

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