Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleepy Time....

Emma Kate has never been a great sleeper. She just goes 100 mph from first thing in the morning until late at night. Bedtime has gotten better, thanks to this......

It is liquid mean melatonin and it's ok, this lovely lady recommended it.....
That is my sweet friend, Brooke. We were sorority sisters back in the day and now she is Dr. Mimmimmis (Williams), Emma Kate's pediatrician. We love her and Emma Kate NEVER dreads going to the doctor, because she loves her as much as I do (and she knows there is always a princess sticker waiting for her).
  For at least the past 18 months, maybe longer, Emma Kate did not go to sleep until midnight or later.  It was as if she just couldn't turn her little brain off. We had tried everything, schedule changes, bedtime routines, reading, singing, sound machines, all of it.  And still, she just could not get to sleep.  Once she fell asleep, she would sleep like a rock, but getting there was impossible.
Dr. Mimmimiis has worked with us for awhile trying to get EK on the right schedule, and finally, she suggested that we try melatonin. Now, they do not sell melatonin anywhere in town in any form other than tablet, so Walgreens was nice enough to order it. The next day at noon, I spent the BEST $4.10 I have ever spent.
Now, we are fast asleep by 9:00. 9:oo pm. It is like a whole new world for us.  She is happier and easier, and I realize that those hours between 9-11pm, when I used to be frustrated and exhausted, can be used for laundry, sewing, facebooking, or even NOTHING. I have caught up on my favorite shows and cleaned out my DVR. 
Now, Dr. Mimmmisss hopes we are not on melatonin too long. The hope is that Emma Kate's brain realizes how much it likes sleep and adapts to the new schedule.   But I will happily shell out $4.10 again if needed!!!

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