Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Lil' Christmas Music

Emma Kate and her friends at church singing a "warm up" before their Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve!  We are still getting better from a week's worth of strep, so Emma Kate was not all too excited, but they all did a great job!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Most Traumatic Doctor's Appointment. Ever.

Emma Kate is not sick often. She has never had strep and hasn't had an ear infection since she got her tubes at 2. She generally doesn't have a runny nose or a cough.  Not that she has always been the epitome of health. Her first year was, well hell, with the asthma and the reflux and the thrush that would not go away.  So, I feel like we paid out health dues early on in her life, so I am totally ok with not going to the doctor but once a year. 
Speaking of doctors, we are so very lucky that a friend of mine from college decided to be a pediatrician AND move back to Auburn AND practice at the office we were already using when we first moved here. She may be the cutest person on the planet. Emma Kate loves--LOVES--her.  She is the LEAST threatening doctor to ever wear a white coat and I swear if I could get my insurance to pay for me to go to a pediatrician, she would so be my doctor, too.  This is Dr. Williams (formerly Dr. Mimmimmis.)
I mean, did you ever hang out with your doctor at Toomer's corner after a big victory? Yeah, me neither.

So after a few days of being puny and feverish, I sent Dr. Williams a text message that Emma Kate needed to come see her. We made an appointment for that afternoon.  Besides not feeling well, Emma Kate was actually excited about going. She hadn't seen Dr. Williams in awhile and there are always big princess stickers involved.
We went right back with no waiting and the nurse came in and took down some info.  We left the room to get the weight/height updated in the chart and I passed by a cute blond pregnant chic. It is Dr. Williams. Last time we saw her, she did tell us she had a baby in her belly, but we had not actually seen her with a baby belly. Now she was officially the cutest pregnant doctor ever.
We all headed back into the exam room. Brooke has the best bed-side manner for kids. She "tickled" EKs ears and looked at her throat. It looked a tad red, and although we had no other symptoms of strep, she decided it would be wise to do a strep test.  In all her creativity, she calls it the bippity boppity boo test, where she takes her magic swab and tickles the back of the throat and WALLLAAA, done.  Emma Kate had no fear and opened right up. "Ytechhtcckkhhh" She said as Brooke swabbed the first side. 
 Then the shock.
The lip.
The tears.
"That was toooo hard!!"
Brooke calmed her down and assured Emma Kate that she would be softer this time. She would even do it without the "Popsicle stick." Brooke edged closer to get the last swab when Emma Kate went into full lock down mode. The jaws were clenched. The growling commenced. She was not letting anyone near her throat or anywhere else for that matter.
Brooke, being ever so patient, explained that she had to do it--it would be quick, we would get some medicine and be better in no time. She would not have to miss gymnastics or school or her Christmas party......

.........we waited..........

Nothing. I reverted to threats. Bribes. I even pulled the Sissy card. "You don't want to be so sick you have to miss sissy's visit do you?"  If anything would work, it would be the Sissy card.
I held down her arms and Brooke went in for the swab.  Then my child started kicking.....Kicking. Kicking her legs every which way, complete with growls, mutters and I swear I heard a curse word. It looked like an exorcism.  As Brooke got closer, I lost my grip of the legs and Emma Kate kicked again.

She kicked straight out.
She kicked Brooke.
She kicked her doctor.
She kicked my very pregnant friend.
In the belly.
Oh. my. gosh.

Brooke, still with the patience of Job, calmly explained to Emma Kate that this was NOT Okay, and that it had to be done.  She gave us a "minute" as she stepped out of the room.  I have known Brooke for 15 years. She has never seen me flustered, and likewise, I have never seen her angry. We BOTH wanted to be anywhere but there.  This was not normal behavior for my child.

I am blaming the fever (all 100.9 degrees of it).

When Brooke returned, it was more of the same. The clenching. The crying, screaming, convulsing. I couldn't do it anymore. We called in reinforcements. Nurse re-entered and I had to stand in the corner and look aways as my child screamed for her mother. It reminded me of the time I helped my grandad castrate a baby cow. It was screaming for its mother across the farm and all the mother could do was pace, helpless, from behaind another fence, and wait.  I turned away, and tears flowed down my face. It was a mix of emotions. It was the hurt that my child was in fear, it was embarrassment that my child had full-on high kicked my friend, it was helplessness that I had tried every parenting tactic I had in my bag and could not get my child to JUST. OPEN. HER. MOUTH.

After what seemed like 17 years, I heard the most wonderful sound ever. "YTECHHECKKTT."
Success.  The test was done. And it was positive. Strep.
The WONDERFUL Dr. Brooke Bondly Williams had persisted on going through pediatric hell to make sure my non-symptom daughter had her strep test. She even took a kick in the belly.  She prescribed some medicine and even brought back a big princess sticker. Then, she kissed my exhausted child on the head and apologized. SHE APOLOGIZED (so did a very sad Emma Kate.....she apologized as soon as Brooke came back into the room. At least I got that Mothering part right).  She apologized to my child?!
She is the best doctor ever. Emma Kate is 99% better as of today.

Me, I am 100% sure we are going to get through childhood and adolescence as healthy as possible, because we have the best pediatrician in the entire world, Dr. Mimmmimmms.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Gymnastics Photos

Since MeMe and Hoppy don't have facebook, I decided to upload some pics from EK's gymnastics show tonight.....Maybe I'll get back into the whole blogging thing after a very long hiatus ;-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Valentine's Day- Feb. Project

I totally thought today's photos would be from EK's Valentine Party at school. And while I did get some cute photos there, she and I headed back to the park. This time I had my camera (and our dog). The first couple of months she had this bike, she was very timid (which was odd). I don't think she understood that she was in control of the bike-instead she let the bike control her. In the last few weeks though, something has clicked. She now speeds through the park, over the bridges, down hills at full speed. That is the EK I expected-no fear. We also did some exploring in our favorite Auburn park and saw some hints of spring!!

Feb. 14-Valentine's Day

Feb 13. Feb. Project

Feb 13- forgot my camera at the park.

Feb. 12 Feb Project

Basketball tryouts. The floors before a new season starts--squeaky clean and looked like they could ice skate on the glassy surface. (and since I did not get media releases for the kids trying out, this is the only way I could post a picture of tryouts )

Feb. 11- Feb. Project

We are knee deep in East Alabama Elite. Tryouts today. See you again in August. (But I admit, I love the kids and love watching MikeyT and Unc coach)

For those of you who have already seen all of February Project-SORRY! These are for the folks that do not get on facebook!

Feb 10- Feb. Project

Today Emma Kate had lots of surprises. First, I picked her up early from school. She was one happy camper. Then, when we got home, the mail man had left a great-big box with her name on it. It was full of Valentine goodies from MeMe and Hoppy. Then, a knock at our front door?! It was MaMa! She came to take us to Laredo's for dinner! And to think at the beginning of the day I had no idea how I was going to incorporate "surprise" into just another normal Thursday ;-)

Feb 9-February Project

 Emma Kate goes through several clothing and shoe changes every day. Today we had school and then ballet, so I was not surprised with shoes #1 and #2. Then, when we get home, I usually kick off my shoes and relax my feet shoe-free. Emma Kate, however, relaxes by putting on her pink boots. Maybe if I has some really cute pink boots, I'd wear them all the time, too.

Feb 9

Feb 8- Feb Project

Today I was totally drained, uninspired and just plum tired. So, before I lost all light, I grabbed the camera and in a total of about 20 seconds I yelled "emotions" at EK and told her to make the face. She is a pretty good little actress because without the slightest thought, she went from Sad to Happy to Mad to Scared to Goofy, etc. I was clicking away while she hammed it up. What I learned today: She is just too dern cute to NOT be inspired, so I am already thinking about tomorrow's picture.........

Feb 8

Feb 7- Feb Project

This was not going to be my picture of the day today, but I took it at 11:52, so it counts. We had a tough, hard and draining day. It was that kind of day where your 2 o'clock appointment gets pushed back to 3:45 and at 5:30 you realize you won't make it to pick up your child in time. Thank goodness for mom and Michael who jumped in a car and picked her up before daycare closed! And they fed and entertained her until we could get home. Even after a yucky day, I sleep easy knowing my fam always has my back.

Feb 7

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 6- Feb. Project

Today there was enough sunshine to head over to Mom's house with Emma Kate's bike. We rode around the circle and had a great time. Sadly, it seems the weather this week will be cold and wet, so we got all the bike riding in we possibly could and hopefully that will hold us over until the sun comes back.

Feb 5th- February Project

For the first time in a long time, we had absolutely nothing planned for today. I was excited: we could sleep as late as we wanted, do a little cleaning, watch some TV. After playing a few games with EmmaKate, she headed up to her room. She played so well and so quietly for so long--which made me nervous. When I checked in on her this is what I found.
1. A complete mess
2. ALL the "makeup" Santa brought her lined up on the table
3. A tad too much lotion on her hands and face.

Tomorrow, we will have scheduled events planned from sun up to bed time.

EK loves Hoppy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Aubie debacle

I interrupt the February Project for a very important story.
A few weeks ago, Emma Kate was invited to Aubie's birthday party.  It was in the Auburn Arena Scholarship room complete with cake and presents from Nell Fortner, Tony Barbee, and Gene Chizik.  Emma Kate made Aubie a birthday card, with a picture of herself and Aubie on the front, holding hands.  We took Emma Kate's good friend, Mary McKinnon who has never been a big fan of Aubie (she likes him from afar). The girls were super excited and could not wait for the party.  When we got there, we saw a big box of presents on the table for Aubie. Emma Kate wanted to put her card in there to be sure he got it, so we did just that.
Aubie opened all of his presents which took a pretty long time since he has less-than-nimble fingers.  The stack of cards got put back in the box, since time was running out, and the lady in charge, said "OK Aubie, that is all of your presents!"
From a crowd of 40 kids, Emma Kate screamed, "NO IT IS NOT!!" but by then the box had been swept away.  Then came the tears.  I felt horrible.  Emma Kate was so excited about Aubie seeing that card and although he would see it eventually, she would not see him see it. I tried to console her. I even asked Aubie in front of EK if he "saw her card" and he nodded yes. Good Aubie.

But EK was still devastated.  The whole way home she kept telling me that she was sure he had not seen it and that it had been thrown away.  So, I told Emma Kate that we would make Aubie a super-duper Valentine's Day card!! We could give it to him at the Gymnastics meet that Friday. That seemed to suffice her and then she started getting excited about what all she could use to make his Valentine...........To Be Continued.

Day 4

**I'm really bad at decisions. This whole "one a day concept" is really lost on me. Anyway.....
On Friday nights, you can can find Mom, Emma Kate and me at the Auburn Gymnastic meets. They are fun (and cheap) entertainment! We have a new coach this year and he is really great and super nice. He comes up in the stands and personally thanks people for coming. It is usually pretty crowded and we have a great time. So far this season, all of our meets have been super close, yet we had only beaten LSU. Heading into this meet, we were 1-3 (1-2 in the SEC with losses to UGA and Ark.) Tonight we hosted the University of Kentucky and they were pretty solid. Mom and I were pretty sure they were leading at the end of the meet. Then, in the last floor routine of the night, Auburn Senior Rachel Inniss performed her now infamous routine in which she starts her last tumbling pass with a quick Heisman pose. By now, the crowd knows it is coming and everyone hits it at the same time, everyone goes crazy and she nails her last tumbling run. And with that, for the third time this season, she scores a 9.9!! That score put the Tigers over the edge and it was an AUBURN VICTORY! War Damn Gymnastics!

Feb 4, 2011

Day 3

I am really bad about checking the weather. Mike is kind-of a weather nut, so I usually ask him at the last minute "what's the weather gonna be tomorrow?" Last night, I failed to ask this question and had no clue until Emma Kate and I walked outside to go to school/work. The car was covered in ice and when I looked in or out of the windows it looked like gaussian blur was applied to them in photoshop.

Day 2

Emma Kate is not a morning person. It probably is due to the fact that she is not a big sleeper. Last night, I tried to get her to go to sleep at least 17 times. At three in the morning, I woke up, snuck into her room and found her still awake. She had lined up all of her stuffed animals on her bed and was "teaching them lessons." She finally crashed shortly thereafter, and this is how I found her this morning.

February 2, 2011

For those not on Facebook

I have always been envious of those folks who do the 365-projects.  That is, where they take a picture a day for a year and post them on a blog or flikr or somewhere.  Some friends and I decided that in our hectic lives that was probably impossible, so we agreed to just start with the month of February. Our rules are a little loose. Post a picture a day in a Facebook folder entitled "February project" incorporating some element of surprise in the theme each day and write a little note explaining the picture.  We are on day 5 and so far I am on track.  I decided that since I am sparsely blogging these days, I will add the "February Project" here as well. Here is day 1:

I was leaving work on Feb. 1 around 6:00. As I walked across the sidewalk to my car in the parking lot, I came across this reflection. I looked all around and could not figure out where it was coming from. Finally, after much detective work, I found a car parked across the lot, facing my way and they had a mirrored AU tag that was catching the light perfectly and throwing this reflection all over the place. As I looked around, I saw it against a tree and against the Chemistry bldg as well. I only had my cell phone, so I snapped the best shot I could.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas and New Year's Review

We had a wonderful, exciting, fun Christmas morning. I must say, FOUR is a really fun age for Christmas. Once Emma Kate fell back in love with her Elf, Xavier, it was too much fun finding him every morning and talking about what he would do next. Likewise, the Santa buildup was so exciting and I found myself feeling all anxious and jittery like I used to when I was little.  I could not wait until Christmas morning when EK came downstairs to see everything her heart desired and then some. It was a great day.
The next day was a tad stressful because we were scheduled to pick up Ashley at the airport and the State of Alabama was having a snow storm! We decided we would do anything we could to get to the airport instead of canceling Ashley's trip, and it ended up being just fine and a tad over exaggerated (imagine that)  Ashley's visit was AWESOME and I love seeing Emma Kate and Ashley getting to be normal sisters, even if it is for just a week.  Emma Kate adores her big sister and Ashley is so good and patient with her. It was a wonderful week, that ended with a super-fun New Year's Eve celebration with all the cousins.  Although we were so sad to see Ashley go back on Jan. 2, she has decided to come her for her Spring Break this year and that is only 8 weeks away!! When you say it like that, it is a much easier pill to swallow!!