Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Mommy, do you yike my haircut?"

As soon as she said it, I screamed.

We had been playing out in the snow all afternoon. We came in and she went to play in her room for some quiet time. That usually means "reading" books for about an hour. Or ten minutes.
She has some "preschool" scissors that are usually put up with her art supplies. High on her shelf. Ha.
She likes to cut paper snowflakes when she is at home with her daddy. She has been told over and over that she can only cut paper. And, with the exception of one sad pair of socks, she has never cut anything but paper.......until now.
I was sitting on Mom's couch watching some good ol' Olympics when I heard her slightly behind me. "Mommy, do you yike my new haircut??"
She said it beaming with pride; she obviously loved her new haircut.
What did I do? I would like to tell you that I slowly turned to her, first removing the dangerous scissors from her little fingers, then assessing the damage and while I kept my calm. That, however, is not quite how it went down.
I froze. And I screamed. And I busted into tears. And I never turned around to look. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I wailed. Mom quickly jumped from her chair and picked Emma Kate up. She grabbed the scissors and began to ask Emma Kate what all she cut. Then I heard her say, "Amy, it is okay, it is not that bad."
I was still frozen and still crying. I know, Mom of the Year, right??
About this time, Mike walks in. I am still crying. Mom has Emma Kate in the bathroom, who instead of beaming with pride, is now scared to death and crying because of my mature reaction. Mike takes one look at Emma Kate, and sees that she is covered in Spaghetti-o sauce, although he does not know it Spaghettio sauce. He puts a) scissors, b) momma wailing and 3)"red stuff on her shirt" together in his own mind and thinks Emma Kate has cut off her digits or stabbed herself.
I am still crying.
Finally, we all convene in the bathroom where I finally stop crying and am able to tell my child that it is "OK" and that it will "grow back" and that she "should never do that ever ever again."

Overall, it is not bad at all. Could have been much worse. She gave herself some bangs, which my dear friends tell me (to make me feel better) that it looks like "baby hair." Luckily she has very thick hair and other than the bangs she did not make any clean cuts. She did thin the right side out a bit and give herself some layers, but again, everyone assures me you cannot tell.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One more......

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More snow pics

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Snow day

I am not usually a fan of the snow. It has snowed once a year in Auburn since Emma Kate was born. The first year, we were not living here yet, but we were here visiting mom. Then it snowed last March. Last year, we played briefly and I got some pics, but the warm Alabama blood that runs through my veins did not let me stay out long.
Having a three year old changed everything. Auburn canceled school and we stayed out all afternoon. We built a snowman, made snow angles and used Bean's sled to go down the hill. A lot.

It was great. Emma Kate loved it and was so excited. She kept talking me in to one more sled ride, one more snow angel, one more minute.
Then we came in, drank hot chocolate and snuggled into an afternoon nap.
Our snowman is surely a Thomas, complete with "ref whistle" and basketball and goal.
It has been a VERY stressful week for everyone this week. Mike has been dealing with unruly parents, I have been all over the state and back--twice---for work and Emma Kate has been itching to get outside. So, I will concede to the snow---it was fun and a perfect release for a tough week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost and a little TMI post.

Are you a Lost fan? Well, I am. I have watched it from the beginning. I have anticipated this night, the beginning of the end, for quite some time. Even Mikey T's basketball schedule worked out, in that tonight's game is at 5:30 and we will be home in plenty of time for the Lost Final Season Premiere at 7:00.
So I should be hunky-dory. But I am not. Grrrrrrrr.
Because of some ridiculous contract issue with Direct TV, our zip code does not get local channels. Thus, we do not get ABC via the dish. Up to this point (the last two seasons) I have watched it at Mom's with the good ol' antennae and digital tv.
But something has happened. We worked on the antennae last night trying desperately to get a good signal on ABC, to no avail. Unless something aligns and changes drastically withing the next 8 hours, we will have no way of watching Lost.
WHAT? This is unacceptable. I am not a happy camper.
Now for the TMI.....
In other news, Emma Kate is on her way when it comes to potty training. We have been pee-peeing in the potty for quite some time, with no hope of doing the other bizness in the potty.
Suddenly, Friday night she had an epiphany. We were at our normal Friday night AU gymnastics meet (we beat Georgia! Yay--it was awesome) and Emma Kate told me she needed to use the potty. It was in the middle of our floor routines, and I was not excited to take her. But I did. And she pooped. She was so excited, she begin yelling in the stall......
"Mommy, I poo pooed at AUBIE's house...........MOMMY I POO POOED!!" Again and again. She yelled at the top of her lungs. As we returned to our seat, she immediately announced to MaMa (and everyone in the AU Coliseum)-
"Explaining to MaMa what a big girl she is"
It continued into Saturday night, when we went back to the coliseum for the AU basketball game (we beat Alabama! It was awesome!). Afterwards, the whole lot of us headed to Chili's for dinner. Emma Kate went in the bathroom there and emerged from the bathroom, claiming her victory at the top of her lungs again...
"Mommy, Daddy, Unc, MaMa---I POOOOOO POOOOOOOOOed. I poooooo poooooed. I pooooooooo poooooooed on the pottttttyyyyyy"
We were all very excited for her, and mortified for us. To all of the lovely patrons of Chili's on Saturday night, I apologize.