Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day

I am not usually a fan of the snow. It has snowed once a year in Auburn since Emma Kate was born. The first year, we were not living here yet, but we were here visiting mom. Then it snowed last March. Last year, we played briefly and I got some pics, but the warm Alabama blood that runs through my veins did not let me stay out long.
Having a three year old changed everything. Auburn canceled school and we stayed out all afternoon. We built a snowman, made snow angles and used Bean's sled to go down the hill. A lot.

It was great. Emma Kate loved it and was so excited. She kept talking me in to one more sled ride, one more snow angel, one more minute.
Then we came in, drank hot chocolate and snuggled into an afternoon nap.
Our snowman is surely a Thomas, complete with "ref whistle" and basketball and goal.
It has been a VERY stressful week for everyone this week. Mike has been dealing with unruly parents, I have been all over the state and back--twice---for work and Emma Kate has been itching to get outside. So, I will concede to the snow---it was fun and a perfect release for a tough week!

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Rory Gallagher said...

Two things: 1) I normally would be jealous of you guys getting snow while it is I'm farther north, but then I remember, I'm in Ireland :P

2) Check the first paragraph, Ms. Grant-writer: its snow angel, not snow angle.