Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I hear ya!

I have had some complaints that my blogging has gone by the wayside, and for that I apologize. We are back on schedule at the Thomas household, so I hope to be a more-regular blogger. Promise. Maybe.
So you may remember this post where I was so proud of delivering my Auburn super-star to Emma Kate and taking "the lead" in the race to be the coolest parent (chill out, we really do not compete to be the coolest parent).  But Sunday at Auburn Fan Day, Mikey T took over the lead again. Big Time. Even Hoppy, a huge Alabama fan, was impressed.
The day didn't start of so great. It. Was. Hot.  And the line to get into fan day was LONG.  And outside.  My superstar friend Allyson got us past the line and in the door, but once there it was a free-for-all.  There were long lines inside the new (still unopened) AU Arena to see all the AU athletic teams.  And hour at best for Aubie and at least 30 minutes for the cheerleaders.  To Coach Chizik and boys of fall?  Two hours.  Yikes. 
But hey, we are a basketball family and we did get to see the Women's and Men's Basketball Teams and Coaches.

But Mikey T was not satsified. He really wanted to see the new arena, inside--on the floor.  But guards were staintioned at every exit and entrance and stairwell.  There was no hope. Mikey T is tight with one of the players, a superstar all his own, Frankie Sullivan. Mikey T asked Frankie if he thought we could get through the crowd to just see the arena floor.  Frankie looked doubtful, but told Mikey T to find the Director of Basketball Operations, Coach Mike. 

Mikey T did and Coach Mike was amazing. Once Mikey T told Coach Mike that Frankie sent him over, he acted as if we were VIPs.  He took us past the guards, through the security and passed locked doors.  He was so excited to show is the new arena floor, the scholarship seats and even the Men's Locker Room. He gave us all a private tour of the facility--it was great. Mikey T was so proud, and Emma Kate was in AWE. 

So yes, Mikey T has officially surpassed the Krissy Voss experience.  I will admit defeat, but now if I can just figure out how to get Bo Jackson to come to EmmaKate's birthday party.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two months later

The summer was so crazy-jam-packed that I have not blogged in nearly two months.  So, lets go over what has been going on with the crazy Thomas crew....

The lady at the haircutting place gave Emma Kate bangs. Without my consent. Looking back, my reaction was slightly over-the-top. Just slightly. Now they are cute and made the summer months easier without hair-in-the-face all the time.  I guess it worked out. Hmmm.

Ashley-Sissy cam for a whole month. Emma Kate was in heaven for a whole month.  It was fun having her here.  It was also good training for when Emma Kate turns 12.  It's a whole different ballgame.

We visited with all our family.  Mikey T's brother and fiance came to town and we swam and watched fireworks and ate a lot.  We also spent time with my brother and sis in law and the many children they have produced.  I LOVE when the cousins get together. I have so many memories of playing with my gazillion cousins in the summer time.  Every time I see my children with their cousins, it takes me back many years and I smile.

Mom and I decided to go to the beach.  It was a quick trip, but we both needed to see our favorite place in the whole world, just to get us through the school year.

I turned a year older.  Mike and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. 

Ashley turned 12.

Mikey T and Unc broke away from the Mighty Mighty Raptors and started their own team, the Auburn Elite.  They entered two tournaments in a harder league.  The were runner up in the first.  The second was dangerous. Playing in Atlanta against talent they had no business playing against.  I knew it was going to be nasty, so I didn't even go. It was an overnight trip so EK and I stayed home while Mikey T and Unc took the team and Ashley to ATL.  And they won.  The. Whole. Tournament.  It was in the paper and everything. Mikey T and Unc were vindicated and I was proud.  Turns out, Mikey T and Unc are really great coaches.  Hmmm.

That is our summer in a nutshell.
And today, I feel like summer is officially over.  Emma Kate started her new preschool today.  More on the later.......