Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Life in a Flash

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas and New Year's Review

We had a wonderful, exciting, fun Christmas morning. I must say, FOUR is a really fun age for Christmas. Once Emma Kate fell back in love with her Elf, Xavier, it was too much fun finding him every morning and talking about what he would do next. Likewise, the Santa buildup was so exciting and I found myself feeling all anxious and jittery like I used to when I was little.  I could not wait until Christmas morning when EK came downstairs to see everything her heart desired and then some. It was a great day.
The next day was a tad stressful because we were scheduled to pick up Ashley at the airport and the State of Alabama was having a snow storm! We decided we would do anything we could to get to the airport instead of canceling Ashley's trip, and it ended up being just fine and a tad over exaggerated (imagine that)  Ashley's visit was AWESOME and I love seeing Emma Kate and Ashley getting to be normal sisters, even if it is for just a week.  Emma Kate adores her big sister and Ashley is so good and patient with her. It was a wonderful week, that ended with a super-fun New Year's Eve celebration with all the cousins.  Although we were so sad to see Ashley go back on Jan. 2, she has decided to come her for her Spring Break this year and that is only 8 weeks away!! When you say it like that, it is a much easier pill to swallow!!