Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Aubie debacle

I interrupt the February Project for a very important story.
A few weeks ago, Emma Kate was invited to Aubie's birthday party.  It was in the Auburn Arena Scholarship room complete with cake and presents from Nell Fortner, Tony Barbee, and Gene Chizik.  Emma Kate made Aubie a birthday card, with a picture of herself and Aubie on the front, holding hands.  We took Emma Kate's good friend, Mary McKinnon who has never been a big fan of Aubie (she likes him from afar). The girls were super excited and could not wait for the party.  When we got there, we saw a big box of presents on the table for Aubie. Emma Kate wanted to put her card in there to be sure he got it, so we did just that.
Aubie opened all of his presents which took a pretty long time since he has less-than-nimble fingers.  The stack of cards got put back in the box, since time was running out, and the lady in charge, said "OK Aubie, that is all of your presents!"
From a crowd of 40 kids, Emma Kate screamed, "NO IT IS NOT!!" but by then the box had been swept away.  Then came the tears.  I felt horrible.  Emma Kate was so excited about Aubie seeing that card and although he would see it eventually, she would not see him see it. I tried to console her. I even asked Aubie in front of EK if he "saw her card" and he nodded yes. Good Aubie.

But EK was still devastated.  The whole way home she kept telling me that she was sure he had not seen it and that it had been thrown away.  So, I told Emma Kate that we would make Aubie a super-duper Valentine's Day card!! We could give it to him at the Gymnastics meet that Friday. That seemed to suffice her and then she started getting excited about what all she could use to make his Valentine...........To Be Continued.

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aedozier said...

Love it!!!! We had a blast. Thanks for letting us be your out-of-town guests ;-) And MM made great strides that day in her relationship, or lack there of, with Aubie. She was very brave!