Friday, December 10, 2010

Xavier's Epic Fail

I could not wait for the return of our little elf, Xavier.  I was ready for him to assist me in the "going to bed" issue we have in our home. There was a slight tweaking necessary, because when Emma Kate talked about her beloved Xavier, she mentioned that he had freckles.  Now, the Xavier I remembered did not have freckles, so Xavier stopped by Santa's workshop for a quick freckle makeover before heading the the Thomas home. So, last week, Xavier decided to show up in the Christmas tree that is in Emma Kate's room. 
I went over to her bed and tapped her little shoulder as she slept. I told her that it looked like she had a visitor in her tree. Before her eyes opened, a grin spread across her little face. She had been anticipating his arrival as well and I could tell it was going to be one of those heart-melting moments when she opened her eyes and ran over to fine her little elf friend there to watch over her until Christmas. Except, it didn't quite happen like that.
She did eventually open her little eyes, peel out of bed and run over to her tree. Then the conversation went south. Her cute little glow turned into a wretched red-faced-monster.

EK: MOMMA, she screamed, on the verge of tears, THAT IS NOT MY XAVIER!
Me: No, Emma Kate, it is! See, he even has (perfectly placed) freckles!
EK: (now crying) NOOOOO! Those freckles are FAKE. You just painted those on some dumb toy elf!!
Me: (now also on the verge of tears) No, Emma Kate, I did not paint freckles! I mean, who would PAINNNT freckles on an elf???
EK: Well, I dont know, but that is not my elf. My elf is bigger and real-er. That is just a toy.

Oh my. This was going south and getting there fast.  In her mind, her elf was a magical little creature with "real-er" features and much bigger.  Reality was disappointing her something serious. I was not ready to have the "I don't believe" talk with my recently-turned-four-year old.  Instead I attempted (failing miserably) to change the subject, and hurriedly get her ready for school. We went down stairs and the first thing she told her father was that I was "being so mean and teasing her about a fake Xavier and she didn't like me anymore but she still loved me because she loves me even when I am mean and teasing her about her elf."

Mikey T tried (also failing miserably) to diffuse the situation by claiming that maybe Xavier earned a new outfit and that he only looks fake when we were awake and that since no one knew how he got into the tree, he must have flown, proving he is the magical Xavier we all know and love.  But. She. Was. Not. Buying. It.

We decided to send Xavier back to his home for a few days so that he could think about what he had done and with the hopes that the absence would make Emma Kate's heart grow fonder.

A few days later, Xavier did indeed return, to Emma Kate's delight he was high above her doll house and there was no logical way he could have gotten there short of being a magical creature that flies.  She pronounced that "Maybe Mommy is right, maybe that is the real Xavier!" Since then, the crazy little elf had made his rounds and shown up in crazy places at crazy times.  Emma Kate now adores her little-fake-looking-not-real-er elf and looks forward to finding him each day......and this momma can breathe a little easier, until next year.

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