Friday, December 10, 2010

It's official

My child officially loves Auburn more than I do. And I didn't think that was possible.  During the SEC championship game, she slipped while wearing her fancy new "Cow Gore (she cannot pronounce girl, so it is Gore, as in Al)" boots."  She was very upset and ended up falling asleep. We were watching her closely and waking her up every hour to make sure it was not a concussion. It wasn't.  But, since she was still very much asleep when the AUBURN TIGERS claimed victory over the Gamecocks in the Championship game, Mom and I decided to head to Toomer's without her while the Michaels  (Mikey T and Unc) stayed behind to watch her.

Mom and I went and it was glorious. It was like a snowfall over the corner of Magnolia and College Streets.  There were a gazillion people there, so I took some video and some pics and we headed back without even throwing the first roll of toilet paper.
A few hours later, now about 9:30, Emma Kate wakes up and wants to know first and foremost is her beloved Aubie and Cam won the game. When we explained that they had, she immediately demanded to go to Toomer's.  I did not know if anyone would still be there, so I agreed to bundle her up and she and I would head over to take a glance.
Glancing was not good enough for Emma Kate. At 9:45, we parked the car and she ran to the corner and threw three rolls of TP into a smaller magnolia tree behind the big majestic live oaks that were already covered. There were still plenty of people there. At one point we walked down to Samford Hall and the official Auburn sign, where she proceeded to pose and cheer for all who walked or drove by.  She shouted "WAR EAGLE" at every passing car and when we heard sirens, she immediately knew that it was her team "returning home." As the buses full of football players, cheerleaders and band members cruised by, she about flipped out.  She demanded that I take her to the corner--not so she could see them, but rather, so "Aubie and Cam can see me and know that I am here."  (Because I am sure they were wondering.)
Mikey T made his way over about 11:00 and we finally wrapped up the celebration party with a few more tosses of toilet paper and a few more pictures.  I was worn out, but of course Emma Kate asked when we would be back.........and I told her Saturday after Cam wins the HEISMAN!

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