Saturday, December 18, 2010

There was a Haircut today

But, it was not planned. It was similar to this one....I came home from shopping and Mikey T was enjoying a deep slumber on the couch. The house looked like a tornado had come inside each room and scattered books, wrapped Christmas presents, toys and glitter (yes GLITTER).  It was a disaster area. I was too (mad) concerned with what happened to Emma Kate's head to think about taking a picture of the disaster area.  I immediately asked Emma Kate to look at me. There was a clean cut above her left ear.  ABOVE the ear. I demanded to know where the hair was, like maybe if I found it in time we could put it on ice and it could be reattached.  She told me in a whimper that she had hidden it under her pillow upstairs.

We headed straight to the hair salon, where they attempted to "fix" the situation without having to give her a full blown mullet.  Here are the before and after. 

And before you think she has the Auburn version of chicken pox, those are self-applied mini-AU tattoos on ever part of her face, including her eyeLID. She told the haircut lady that was for when she winked at her boyfriend Aubie. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am finally talking to Mikey T again.

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