Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow-the last weekend in January was packed.

Emma Kate started Friday with Pajama Day at school.

Then, we headed to the gymnastics meet that evening with Ma-Ma and Uncle Mike and AuntDebbie. Emma Kate did great and really enjoyed watching random Auburn students painted orange. Oh yeah, and the gymnasts were pretty cool, too. And Aubie was there, so it was an all-around success.

Saturday we had the Nuggets game (they are 4-0!!) first, then the Auburn v. Vandy game (not as successful for the Tigers). Emma Kate flirted with everyone around us, loved on Aubie and fell asleep on Bean's lap in the fourth quarter. Emma Kate doesn't understand why Aubie is not at dad's basketball games. She also looked very cute in her Auburn atire. A random old man walked up to us and told her she was "cuter than two pups under a red wagon."

Sunday we headed to church and Emma Kate was devastasted that MinnyMinnon (Mary Mckinnon) was not there. After church, we had an Eagle Ridge Super Bowl Party at our house.

By Sunday night, Emma Kate's eye looked like this...

It is a STYE and it is gross. We have to get it to OOOZZEEEE itself or an opthamologist will become surgically involved.
Did I mention that eyeball stuff makes me queesy. Like, I may just throw up thinking about it. I pass out at the eye doctor when they puff that air in your eyeball. Blugh. So, we are going to make sure that this STYE oooozzes itself because I could not handle eye surgery. Ick. HeeebieJeeebies.

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