Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sew Mama, Sew!

My friends and I have been on a sewing kick latley. My co-worker/friend Betty and I are busy trying new patterns and trying a gazillion new appliques. My friends Alica & Allyson are busy making clothes for our daughters--all similar in age. I have it down to about one outfit or dress for Emma Kate a night.

It is so relaxing to sew for Emma Kate. She has an area in the garage where she plays with all of her toys and I sit and work on sewing on the other side. Every now and then she will bring over some piece of clothing that she has taken off her body and says,

"Here mommy, make this!"

It is really cute. So I take whatever it is from her hand, act like I am sewing on it and hand it back to her. Her response:

"ooooh pwetty mommy. put it on emmatate."

I love it.

Here is what she wore today....


aedozier said...

VERY CUTE!!!!! I love it!

Marsha said...

Jealous. There is a little girl named Marlee Grace who needs an adoptive sewing mommy.