Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This place....

...is amazing. This is The Growing Room, Auburn, Al. See, when we found out we were moving to Auburn, the first thing I did was email my friend Allyson. She was in Auburn and I needed to pick her brain on everything Auburn. Doctors, dentists, churches, DAYCARE. She emailed me back and told me all about her pediatrician's office (now ours too) and some daycare options. Her child, featured here before (sweet Mary Mckinnon---or Miny Kinin as EK calls her) goes to University Daycare, but Allyson told me to check out the new daycare that had just openend--The Growing Room.

I came to mom's one weekend and we checked it out. From the moment I walked in the door, I was sold. This place is AMAZAING. Emma Kate had not been to daycare, but I was starting back to FULL TIME work and she was going to have to be with someone other than me for at least 8 hours a day. This was terrifying and exciting all at once. See, I am a great mom and I love LOVE--in love--with my sweet daughter. But I am not a good STAY-AT-HOME-MOM. I need to work to remain sain and I am a better mother when I am sain. I am jealous of those moms who are good SAHMs. I wish I was. But, I learned, I am not. And I am okay with that.

So---EK was going to school. I was terrified because you read all the horror stories of abuse and neglect and I was scared that my child would be influenced by someone outside of my immediate circle.

We have been at the Growing Room since August 1, 2008. Emma Kate has learned so much. Before she was 2 she knew her ABC's, recognizes her written name, identifies letters, can count to 10, knows all her colors and shapes. They just impress me with what they are able to do with 16 2 year olds.

Emma Kate was a little late to talk. But after a month at GR--the child has a vocabulary of a 4 year old.

GR feeds EK a hot breakfast and lunch everyday. Do you know what that does for my mornings??? I literally wake her up ten minutes before we leave the house. How lucky am I??

Emma Kate is madly in love with three people that are not related to her. Her teacher O'dessa (Dessa); her teacher Megan (Med) and her boyfriend Caden (CadenWalker--she calls him by his first and last name, because she has a double name, she thinks all of her friends do too).

Today I found out that Emma Kate is "transitioning" to the next class. I am excited, as CadenWalker is already moving up, but saddened that she is leaving Dessa and Meg. I know that we will love her next teachers just as much, but I am so grateful for Dessa and Meg loving my child as much as they do and making our first experience with full-time daycare so wonderful.
This is EK at school--walking up to get her diaper changed. Check out her new "hollywood" smile.

These are all of her friends at school and Ms. Meg. CadenWalker is the boy.

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