Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coach Mikey T, Take 2

Well, as I stated before it is basketball season and we are now officially the Auburn Nuggets. But, wait...that is not all. Mikey T's profound win over the Auburn Hawks last weekend catapulted him to Auburn Rec Coaching Royalty. He can now hang out with the cool kids. He has been asked to coach the Auburn Raptors, the Auburn boys traveling team. TRA-VEL-ING team. As in, get in the car and drive further than Auburn TRAVELING team. And I agreed. It was a moment of weakness. He looked like a kid asking for his favorite toy when he came to me and said....
"Uh, so Danny has started this traveling league and one of my players is gonna be on it. Pretty cool, huh?"
Me: "Sure," (As I mull over my fabric choices for EK's next outfit--not paying much attention)

He: "Well, they are like, dying for me to come to this information meeting tonight. I mean, I may just go to see what they say."

Me: "Uh...sure. Wait when is the meeting?"

He: "Tomorrow after church. It won't be long or anything."

Me: (thinking---sweet, Ek will be napping and Mike will be out of the house---I can SO catch up on my TiVoed Y&R!! What is Jack up to this week?) "OK, that sounds good."

He: "So, if they want me to coach, I mean, it is just like four tournaments and the farthest one is Valley or Montgomery....well, I'll just see what they say."

By the time he returned from the meeting Sunday night, he was already listed as a coach on the website.
We are excited though. It makes him happy, gives him his "testosterone time," and the games are fun. I don't play sports, I was a dancer. But I always LOVED watching sports. Especially Mike or my brothers play. I think I went to EVERY high school basketball game Mike played his junior and senior year. I also watched most of his golf matches. I would COME home from Auburn to see my little brother play high school soccer. I love to watch my nephews play t-ball and soccer. So, since EK is still to little to partake in organized sports, we get our kicks watching Mikey T coach!
Last Saturday, I had my "Lil Nugget" all dressed up and we were in the bleachers cheering for the Nuggets when a lady said...

"Which one is yours?" She could tell by my enthusiasm that I had a vested interest in the game.
"The COACH," I said and she giggled....


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Too cute! That is exciting that Mike got asked to do that. You are good to go to the games...I'd be at home sewing!