Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A week in the life of the Thomas Clan...

It is a big week in the Thomas household! Tonight, Coach Mikey T gets back in action with his new team................

Yep, since football has ended and the Mighty Mighty Raiders are through, our family is now huge Nuggets fans. No, not Denver, rather, 5th grade Auburn Boys Basketball Nuggets--of course. The first game is Saturday at Auburn University. Coach Mikey T is completely enthralled with the Nuggets. More than he ever was with the Mighty Mighty Raiders. Since basketball is closer to his heart than football, the Auburn Nuggets should have a better season than the Mighty Mighty Raiders had.
Did I also tell you that Mikey T has a new job? Well, he's been there for over a month now, but he is now with ADT. That means we now know everything you could ever want to know about home security. And then some. But he is doing great and I am really proud of him!!
Saturday, Ashley has a dance competition in Orlando that we (and you!!) can watch online. She will be performing a duet and a group number at this competition and she (of course) won a bunch of awards at this one last year.
Good Luck Ash!! If you want to watch, let me know and I will give you the website info and times!

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