Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Child

Emma Kate had a boo boo that mommy had to put medicine on last night. She was laying in bed with daddy and I was trying to hold a warm wash cloth on the boo boo.

Emma Kate was screaming "No Mommy, peaaaas, no mommy."

I told her that I was not trying to hurt her, but I had to fix her boo boo.

She started to cry, and like when you take your child to get shots, I began to tear up as well.

Big silent tears welled up in my eyes, and ran down the side of my nose.

Emma Kate looked up at my face and reached her tiny little hand to catch one of my tears on her finger.

"No cy-in' mommy. No cy-in."

And she wiped my tears away. Poor baby, in pain, stopped worrying about herself and just wanted to make me, the grown up, feel better.


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Marsha said...

She is so cute and I need some pink and brown outfits.