Monday, February 16, 2009

"Mommy..iss yucky."

Picture this:
Time: Sunday morning--running late for church

Place: Master Bath

Cast: Mommy & Emma Kate
I put Emma Kate in front of the TV with a bowl full of cheerios. Deadbolt locked the front door, thinking to myself "There is no telling where she would try to go while I am in the shower."

Mike was already gone for the morning, so I jumped in the shower to get ready for church.

I do not take long showers, so I thought EK would at least watch 6 minutes of Handy Manny. She's not a big TV fan, but she loves music and cheerios, and a screwdriver was singing in spanglish on tv, so I thought I may be safe. I was wrong.

Me: Singing in the shower....when a "knock-knock-knock-" on my shower door interrupts me. "What baby?"
EK: Mommy, isss yucky.
Me: Thinking--did she just take off her own diaper again? "What's yucky?"

EK: 'Dis is yucky.

Me: Slinging open the shower door, grabbing the towel. I see EK, standing there holding an open bottle of this............

I jump out of the shower and grab the bottle. CVS Brand ACETONE FingerNail Polish remover. Harmful if ingested. I lean down to smell her mouth and WHEW a big 'ol whif of acetone. NICE.
I grab the cell phone on the counter and as I am 'bout to hit my speed dial button for Poison Control (YES, I have called them several times and YES they are on speed dial.) mom calls.
Me: Callin' poison control. Click.
Within three seconds I was explaining to the nurse that my child had downed a large portion of the purple poison. I was wrapped in a towel, dripping wet. My doorbell rings. I think, if it is mom, she will just come in. If it is not, I do not care who it is. Then I realize that I LOCKED the front door before the shower.

Nurse: How much is missing?


Emma Kate: Dorry Mommy. Dorry Mommy

Me: Um, I cannot say. I think it was half full, and now it is a quarter full.

Nurse: OK, well, does she have it on her clothes.


Emma Kate:EWWWWWWWW mommy. it nasssy.

Door: Ding Dong Ding Dong


Me: Um, yes, there is some on her shirt. Her mouth smells of the stuff. Do I need to take her to the hospital?

Mom: Knock, knock--Amy--what is going ONNNNNNNNNNNNN???

I finally get to the door to let mom in, Lucy stops barking, mom disrobes EK.
The nurse proceeds to tell me that she doesn't think EK would have ingested a lot if she thought it was so "nasssy." I was instructed to give her some juice and crackers and watch her for nausea for an hour and they would call back. She was fine and had no side effects.
Am I a bad mother? I wish I could tell you that this was my first time calling poison control. It is more like my 7th. Yes 7th. She finds everything. She will climb cabinets, move mountains and squeeze through mouse holes to get into stuff. She has been un-screwing tops since she was 8 months old. I thought we were past the "put anything in her mouth" phase, but I guess I was wrong!

She is so curious and has no desire to sit and watch TV. I guess she will just have to be tethered down when I take showers from now on.


The Fite Family said...

OMG! I am glad she is okay. I know exactly what you mean about taking showers with wondering children. Here is what I started doing...I put her in the tub in the master bath while I jump in the shower and we sing songs together. It seems to keep her occupied, and I can see her imagine enough to know if she climbs out.

Marsha said...

AMY!!! I too know poison control and you are not a bad mommy! You have to shower. I beat Deb was rattled.