Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet LaBron

I don't know if I spelled that right. Oh well. Meet LaBron. This little fella showed up on my street last Thursday. He is super cute, house trained and sweet as could be. He still has some puppy in him, and he does not understand the concept of CARS. Since we live on a fairly busy road in Opelika, we put him in our backyard hoping someone would post a sign for their little lost puppy.
Here we are on Monday and still no signs. No one has come forward as his rightful owner...well except Emma Kate. She is in love with this dog. He is just her size and loves her to death. Lucy is still not sure about the whole thing.
So, here is the deal. We DO NOT NEED A NEW DOG. We have Lucy. She is enough for our family! BUT-I cannot take this lil' guy to the pound. So ANYONE thinking that they want a new puppy---PLEASE let me know. He is a really good pup and I would love to find him a good home, just not ours!!
He came with a collar but no tags. HE is house-trained, but likes to be indoors! He is not "fixed" and has really taken a liking to one of Emma Kate's stuffed animals. Mike has named him LaBron (this basketball fixation is getting old!).
If you know the owner or think you may be interested in housing this lil' guy, shoot me a message!

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Marsha said...

KEEP HIM. I have 2.