Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney on Ice

For months now my two friends, Alicia and Allyson and I have been planning on taking our tots to see Disney on Ice in Montgomery. We have talked and planned like we were invading a smallcountry. We have gotten our three girls together a lot--play dates at the park, dinner at Alicia's, trick-or-treating on Toomer's Corner. But this was going to be the first time we traveled, in one car, together with three very spirited two year olds. Emma Kate is the oldest. But she doesn't go to school every day with the other two and she sits back and watches long before she engages.
Mary McKinnon and Emma Kate share Sunday mornings together in their nursery class at church. Mary McKinnon is the spirited one of the bunch and keeps us laughing.
Ella Grace is the youngest, not quite two yet. She is sweet-natured and could give you puppy-dog eyes that would make you give her a million dollars. But, let's face it--they are three two-year olds. We were excited and anxious at the same time.
We decided that we would (of course, these are my sewing buddies) make them matching Ariel outfits. They were too cute! We met at Allyson's house and started the task of installing three massive carseats into Allyson's Tahoe. How many moms does it take to put in a carseat? Three. Two to install the carseats and one to try and keep the toddlers from running into the street.
We were successful and so we piled all three girls into the car---with poor Alicia in the wayyyy back. We popped in a movie for the girls and headed to Montgomery. We got there in plenty of time, but since the girls wanted to hold each others hands as we made out grand entrance, we missed the first part of the show with featured the Cars cast. The girls had no clue so it was ok. The usher took us to our seats and---SCORE--Allyson hooked us up with floor seats right by the ice. No one in front of use and we could literally touch the characters as they skated by. We had pre-packaged snacks but we did opt to get the girls each some toy from the over-priced vendor. Emma Kate got some three foot Ariel flashlight for $18.00 that she hasn't picked up since. She also go a $10.00 bag of cotton candy (after she spilled her animal crackers on the floor when she was watching Simba the lion do a triple axle), but it did come with a cute Tinkerbell hat.
Emma Kate knew some of the characters, but since she doesn't watch TV, she didn't really know the stories. She had never seen the Lion King or Tinkerbell, but she did know who Ariel was. She was consumed by the show---they all were---and they were perfect for the entire time.
After it was over, we headed to Red Robbin because the girls and the mommies were starving. As we were leaving, a stranger stopped me to tell me how well-behaved our girls were. HUH??? Do what? Are you serious? I had never heard that from a stranger before? I guess he didn't see Emma Kate and Mary McKinnon argue over the dum-dum suckers. Or maybe he didn't witness when EK threw her crayons on the floor and had a mini tantrum because she didn't want to sit in the high chair.

The girls were really good and we were all pleasantly surprised at how easy the afternoon was. We were sure the girls would fall asleep before we hit the highway, but much to our surprise they were still awake as we pulled into Allyson's driveway. While we unloaded carseats the girls ran inside to play. We mommies were ready for bed, but I really think the girls could have played for another two hours. Emma Kate has not stopped talking about "dose yions, dat one yion is bad wif dark hair," or "tinkerbell fly over my he-ad!"
We cannot wait for our next adventure with our double-named friends!!


aedozier said...

We had a blast! Thank the Lord for dum-dums and sprite! At least we know the key to good behavior! Can't wait to invade another country with yall!

The Fite Family said...

I agree, it was one of the funnest Saturday afternoons we have had in awhile.