Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please Pray!

During my time at Auburn (as a student, not employee) I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a sorority of gals that MADE my time at AUBURN so great.

My junior year, I was lucky enough to be Pledge Educator (the politically correct term is now New Member Educator--whatever) and it was a big year for twins! We had two sets of twins in that pledge class--one of those sets was Darby and Erika.

They are both bloggers now and I am a regular reader (stalker) of both. Today, I read on Darby's blog that Erika's husband is en route to a hospital as he (we think) sustained some sort of fall and appears to have some type of trauma to his brain, including bleeding.

The rush of emotion that fills me when I hear anything about BRAIN TRAUMA is overwhelming. It takes me back to November 2003 when we were not sure if Mike would recover from his traumatic brain injury. He did, but only because of the constant prayer that was said on his behalf.

So, please, take a moment today and say a prayer for my friend Erika and her husband. (pictured below..picture borrowed from Darby's blog)

UPDATE 1:45pm: Erika's husband, Chance has been transferred to ICU and they were still waiting for a consult from the Neurologist. At this point they are still hoping to have him transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola but for now they are waiting to make that final call based on what the Neurosurgeon says about the scan.

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