Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kinda Slow..except for the Vampire

It has been a slow week around here. No basketball since it is Holy Week and nothing else exciting going on.

Oh yeah, except that Emma Kate bites someone everyday and there is nothing that is working to stop her. There is that.

We originally thought that EK hit a wall about 3:30 pm everyday. When the first round of kids (you know--the teacher's kids) get picked up at 3:30 and she is not one of them, she gets mad. She is like a little gem in class every day until then. Then, it is like a vampire when the sun goes down. So, we sent in reinforcements and either mom (aka ma-ma) or grandmother (aka BEAN) goes and gets her early to prevent the fangs from showing. It worked!.....for four days. Now, she is simply biting earlier.

Every day at 3:00 kids scatter from EK and try to keep their distance. That is when the fangs come out.

Some times it is provoked. Like a kid takes her toy away on the playground or pushes her by the water fountain. So, she attacks with her best weapon--her teeth. But then, yesterday when Bean went to pick her up she witnessed an attack first hand.

Emma Kate was sitting at the table. She had not seen Bean yet, and before Bean could call her name....Emma Kate reached over and bit a completely innocent child on the arm. Unprovoked. UN. PRO.VOKED. Just bitin' for biting sake.

We made threats and talked about not biting all night long last night. We'll see what happens today. Keep your teeth....I mean fingers crossed.


Rory Gallagher said...

Give out cloves of garlic to each of EK's classmates. Maybe that will drive her off. Either that, or just push a hemophiliac off on her, should satisfy her thirst.

Marsha said...

Maybe a plastic retainer.