Monday, April 20, 2009

Momma's Girl

Travel around the States Day at school--she was Texas

Since the day Emma Kate was born, she was a daddy's girl. Emma Kate's list went something like this...

1. Daddy
2. Hoppy
3. MeMe and MaMa
4. Sissy
5. Unc
6. Joseph-the cousin
7. Lucy--the dog
8. Bean
9. Markers
10. Candy
11. PlayDoh
12. Gummy Bear Vitamins
13. Her DOCTOR (although, she is a pretty great doctor, Dr. Williams)
13. Amy (me.)

It was pretty sad. But, it didn't bother me too bad. I knew I was the one that was usually signaling bed time or washing her hair or telling her she could not put marshmallow creme in Lucy's ear canals or run across Veteran's Parkway during rush hour. I understood that one day she would look at me in a whole new light, like I now look at my mom. One day, it would hit her like a ton of brinks and she would have that "A-Ha" moment where she realizes that moms do all that stuff to protect their children (ok, and pets).

But-WATCH OUT--over night my child has become a momma's girl. Literally. She went from calling me Amy (see earlier posts) to referring to me as Mommy. But she never really called me mommy. She would just bark orders at me or point at me. But, the other day, out of nowhere, she started calling me "momma."

Momma, come sit here momma. Or Momma, pay wif my hair momma. Or I go to the store wif momma, momma.

She is my shadow and she wants me to be around. She wants me to do her hair, sit by her, play a game with her. I don't know what changed, but suddenly I moved to the top of the list. THE TOP. (OK, maybe still behind Hoppy.)
Maybe because I got her some squeaker shoes that squeak every time she walks. Maybe it is because I took her to Disney on Ice (More later). Maybe it is just because she realizes that I am her only momma and she'd better be nice to me ;-)
Whatever the reason, I am eating it up.