Friday, April 3, 2009

Maybe it is a little out of control...

Emma Kate has always had funny sleeping habits. Like last year, she always wanted to sleep with a water bottle? She never really had a thing for dolls until recently and now she has three. She sleeps with them on occasion, but it is not a necessity. These days, she MUST be surrounded by at least three books in her bed at all times. It usually consists of her bible, one of the four versions of Good Night Moon we own and another book of her choice. She refuses to sleep without them.

She is not big on covers either. Hasn't been since the day she was born. The infant EK did NOT enjoy being swaddled and has kicked her covers off during every nap and night since day 1. I guess she is just a free spirit. She will cover up with one blanket, though. She calls it her "Bill blanket." My cousin-in-law plays football for the Seattle Seahawks and by some accident the Hancock's fabric in Bham ordered some Seahawks fleece awhile back. I jumped on it, and although I never made anything out of it, Emma Kate will cuddle with the fabric and thinks that it is HER very own Bill's (his name is Will) Blanket. I guess it is.

At some point every night for the last two months, EK has woken up in the middle of the night and snuck into our room. I am too asleep to get up and put her back in her bed, so she crawls onto the bed, over me and sleeps the remainder of the evening with her daddy and me. Usually she brings at least one of her sleeping companions with her and we end up with the corners of books in our sides or face or back throughout the night.

She is also a sideways sleeper. Inevitably, her feet will end up in my face and her face ends up in Mike's armpit. Not comfy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Last night, it was stormy and Emma Kate followed her normal routine of coming into bed with us. I vaguely remember that she had something with her, maybe a doll?, but not her normal books.

When I got up this morning, she was indeed sideways sleeping. Her feet were in my face, however her head was not quite reaching Mike's side of the bed. And there were no books. This is what I found..........

Maybe we need a basketball intervention? Someone find me some ballet slippers, STAT.

PS--I am completely kidding, Emma Kate can be a basketball-tuba-badminton playing champion if that is what her little heart desires.


Paige Steel said...

Graham has been obsessed with the cat in the hat since we saw him a few months ago. At first, we had to read the book everynight. Now, the book stays in his bed. He likes me to prop it open to the last page, when the mom comes home (all you can see is her leg). When he gets in the bed, he points to it and says "momma shoe". He has also had random toys nap with him.. so I completely understand.. I am sure it will be a golf club soon enough for Graham!

Marsha said...

Love it.