Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you, Growing Room

I am not, and never have been, a breakfast person. Don't eat it. Don't like it. Not a fan. I generally don't even get hungry until lunch time. Look--stop yelling--I know it is not healthy. I have always known it and I am working on it, with help from the growing room.

I know I brag about this place to the point it is annoying. But come on, they feed my child two times a day. TWO TIMES. Hot breakfast. Hot lunch. That is more than she would get from me in the morning. I think two days a week of fruit loops, with or without milk, is enough. Seven days of that would get old. But thanks to the growing room, she gets a HOT breakfast 5 days a week. Included in my weekly tuition. SCORE.

But, that is not all. Growing Room feeds ME. Every morning, they offer me coffee, ice-cold OJ, and some sort of muffin, bread, pig-in-a-blanket, or fruit. I usually grab my OJ and run, but today I did a double take. Today they had these......

Warm, gooey and De-Lish. So, thanks Growing Room, thanks for feeding my child twice a day and thank you for my OJ and SINamon Rolls.