Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They did it again....

So with the end of Mighty Mighty Nuggets basketball you would think we had put up our basketballs until next season. Not so, my friends, not so.
The tournament season started in March and Mike is coaching the under 11 Auburn Raptors Blue team. It is made up of half-former-nuggets and half other players.

So they played in their first tournament ever as a Raptor organization. And. They. Won.
Now, again, there were some nail biters--but a victory is a victory.
And again my husband was completely enthralled with this team. And again, I was a nervous wreck when we held onto a ONE point lead for the last 2 minutes of the championship game.
So what about Emma Kate? She was a trooper all weekend. The rides back and forth to Columbus, the long waits in between games, the junk food she ate all weekend. It was all worth it to her because Emma Kate is madly in love with her new 8 older brothers.

They were so good to her all weekend. She follows them around and they just watch over her and play with her like she is their own. She calls them her "bassetball boys" and she adores them.
Last night:

EmmaKate: I go wif dose bassetball boys in daddy's work car?
Me: Yes, Emma Kate, if you are a good girl you can go in the car with those basketball boys this weekend.
Emma Kate: OK. I bee good. I be nice. I go wif dose bassetball boys.

Now, isn't' that too cute. And isn't this too cute?

My husband has found his niche. He is now 14-0 in youth basketball. I am so proud of him for the way he is with these guys. He is in it for them. He wants them to be better players, but he also wants them to be better people. He teaches them a lot about basketball and individual skill, but even more about teamwork, perseverance and determination. And it shows.

Riverfest Basketball Champions 11 & Under--Auburn Raptors Blue.


Marsha said...

It is so good for those boys to have a coach who is invested! I know you are so proud of him!

aedozier said...

So this is where you have disappeared to? Coaches wife, huh?