Monday, March 9, 2009

The Horrible, Terrible, Pathetic Three Days, Part I

I'll just get right to it.
This was stolen.

Out of my car, in my driveway.

YES, I lock my doors. (OK, 82% of the time.) But my electronic lock doesn't lock my passenger door and I only reach over and lock it 6% of the time. Wednesday night fell outside of that 6%.

And no, I don't usually (mom, don't say whatever you are saying right now!!) leave my C in the car.

Dude walked right up to my driveway, opened the door, snatched the C. (C for Coach. Real Coach. Ouch.)

That means he also got this:

And this:

And these:

And this:

And this.

I don't have a phone OR your phone number. I don't have a video camera or digital camera to capture the latest Emma Kate caper. I don't have a driver's license so today when I took EK to school and drove to work, I was pretty much living outside the law.

So, we had to file a police report, cancel debit/credit cards, cancel my MEDCOM card--(this is what literary gurus, or my mom, call FORESHADOWING), cancel the phone (only after he sent vulgar text messages to my mother in law---if you also received text messages from me that resembled a porn script, I apologize) change the locks on the house, blah blah blah. It doesn't get any worse than this.....................or does it??


The Fite Family said...

OMG!! That sucks, I am so sorry. I hope they catch him. sed

Marsha said...

OM! I kept texting you Saturday! No wonder no reply!!!