Monday, March 2, 2009

She'd had enough...

Last week, Emma Kate came home on Wednesday with a rather distinct bite mark on her arm--just like here. (And note, I predicted this!) For 7 months, Emma Kate has gone to "school" and she never once had gotten an incident report where she was the bad guy and not the victim. For seven months, one lil' boy has been biting Emma Kate on a pretty regular basis. Although the school cannot tell us who it is (fear of parent retaliation!!) Emma Kate does not shy away from telling me who it was. It didn't really concern me, because they school is always very good about giving her some extra TLC whenever it occurred, and hey, Emma Kate is one tough cookie.
Back to Wednesday. I noticed the bite mark on her arm, but there was no incident report to go along with it, so I figured it went unnoticed by the staff.

Me: Emma Kate, did someone bite you today?
EK: NOOO, Mommy.
Me: **Baffled** Emma Kate, there is a bite mark on your arm, are you sure no one bit you?
EK: N-OOOOO. Mommy. DON'T TALK 'Bout it.
Me: What? Don't talk about it (emma kate has never said this before)?? You need to tell mommy if someone bit you or hurts you. You can always tell mommy.
EK: I not talk bout it. Not talk.
So, I dropped it until bedtime. I had a talk with her about how she can always tell me anything and that I am not mad at her for someone biting her, I just needed to know that she was okay. She finally told me who bit her (same boy as always) and gave me a extra tight hug before she went down. It was if she was saying, "I love you mom, but there is something I have to do." I didn't know then that her little mind was planning her revenge, which would take place on Thursday.
Thursday, when I went to get her from school, her favorite K2 teacher came right up to me and said, "I am so sorry to tell you this but Emma Kate bit someone today. It was bad, she almost TOOK A PLUG out of him. They had to take him inside, where he is now."
I scanned the playground and noticed right away that the boy who was not there was the infamous biter. Right then, I knew what had gone down. SHE HAD HAD ENOUGH.
They gave me an incident report, but even the teacher told me not to be too hard on her as she was "probably just defending herself."
I did scold Emma Kate, but I must admit, secretly I was a little proud. NO, I do not condone violence. Emma Kate has put up with it for seven months, and that bite Wednesday put her over the edge. Nothing else had worked, so she had to fight fire with fire. Or teeth with teeth.

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Marsha said...

Yeah EK, just like her mommy.