Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I think there are going to be several posts this week as I have a gazillion pictures of the past few weeks (maybe months) to put up. Here goes.....
I *Heart* Teague.
Teague is a "bassetball boy." He is not on Mike's team right now, but he was a mighty-mighty-nugget and he plays for another Raptor team so we see him frequently. He has two little sisters and he is such a good big brother. Emma Kate adores him. Teague was the first bassetball boy to read to Emma Kate. Whenever he sees her, he stops what he is doing and grabs her hand. He looks out for her. And she loves him.
We were at City Fest two weekends ago and in the big kiddie area that has 15 of those bouncy-blow-up-jumpy-things. Emma Kate has never been a big fan. They intimidate her. So when I saw my all-time favorite polisci professor, Dr. Brown (many of you have heard of him because I started talking about him circa 1998), manning one of the bouncy gigs, we headed over for a try. Emma Kate did get in, but this super-duper 4-in-one castle had more than she needed. She was kind-of wandering aimlessly through and I had that scary thought that I was going to kick off the shoes and head in after her--flashback. But then, coming from a distance like the guardian angel that he is....
He said :" Can I leave my shoes with you and just take her with me?"

I said"Ummmmmmm, YES." I hope I didn't sound too eager.
So these two went off and played for an hour.........
City Fest was a blast. We saw Nova or "Aubie's Bird," as EK calls her.
We saw a lumberjack show. Check out the axe flying in the air. We checked out an Auburn Fire Truck. And EK got to ride a pony, which is always at the top of her list as best things EVER. It was a great weekend and I must say, the City of Auburn knows how to throw a party.