Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I have a big family. And in that big family, I have several uncles. I have an Uncle Jamie, Uncle Barry and two Uncle Mikes. That is just first generation uncles. My Uncle Alan passed away when I was two, but I still have a vivid memory of him lifting me over his head and playing with me.
Emma Kate has three uncles. My two brothers, Danny and Michael Alan and MikeyT's brother, Todd. Emma Kate loves them all, but she sees Uncle Michael (or UNC, as she calls him) everyday as he lives here in Eagle Ridge.
Unc and Emma Kate have a special bond. They have a special hand shake that they do every time they see eachother. They have special names for eachother, as she calls him Unc and he calls her "EmmaTate," a name he came up with before she was born. They laugh, a lot.
If Emma Kate has not seen Unc that day, she will spontaneously say,
"I wan-a see Unc."
Ashley loves Unc, too. Maybe it is because he is just a big kid himself, but Unc is "cool," whereas we are just the non-cool parents. Unc text messages and myspaces Ashley and they have little inside jokes that they won't tell us about.
It is pretty funny, because if you knew Michael Alan before he was an uncle, you may not have thought you would ever seen him dressed in a tu-tu or going on a great big bear hunt (singing and everything.)
I wish the girls saw all of their uncles (and Aunts-Melinda and Margie!!) as much as they see Unc, but I am so glad that they are both are close to Unc and he is so good to my girls!

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Marsha said...

This is so wedding rehearsal material. And he will love u for it.