Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Stacy

Emma Kate has three dolls: Jasmine, Belle and Baby. She has never LOVED dolls, but every now and then one of them will be her favorite toy of the day.

I gave her my old Cabbage Patch doll, circa '86, long ago, but she never showed any interest. Then out of the blue, on Mother's Day, she picked her up and asked her name.

I honestly could not remember. This was my first Cabbage Patch and once I moved on to my identical premie-boy twin cabbage patch dolls, my cabbage patch horse and my corn-silk-hair cabbage patch, this one was thrown to the wayside.

So I told Emma Kate she could name her. I volunteered several options but she shot them all down. Then she said "how 'bout Stacy?"

I don't know any Stacys and I am pretty sure she doesn't so I had no idea where this came from. Nonetheless, Stacy it is.

Stacy was nude, so I made her and Emma Kate matching dresses and now Stacy fills the bed each night with the likes of Belle, Jasmine and occasionally Baby.

Later, me and Mikey T were trying to think about where in the world EK would have come up with the name Stacy and then I remembered. On Mother's Day, we took EK to Keisel Park with our beloved dog, Lucy. They have a play pin area for dogs and there were several pups celebrating mom's day there. One was named Stacy and EK fell in love.

So, the Stacy mystery was solved and my heart is happy knowing that EK has pumped some new life (and wardrobe) into my old cabbage patch doll.

This is Lucy and Drake--a huge dog chasing his ball, which EK had.

Lovin' on Stacy

Ek at Keisel Park on Mom's Day

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