Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manicure Day!

I recently got a pattern for a cutie-patootie peasant dress. Super easy and really quick, I grabbed some fabric I had been holding onto for awhile and sewed away. I loved how the light blue and white brought out Emma Kate's eyes.
Two Sundays ago, I took EK to have her pictures taken and she wore her new blue and white dress. She was precious. Her white shoes were too dirty to wear in pics, so before we went, I painted her toenails and let her go barefoot in the photo shoot. We got some great pics.
Afterwards, we came home and it was nap time. I told her to head to her room and even if she didn't sleep she had to stay in her bed for an hour. This is our latest ploy to get her to take a nap and it is working like a gem. Sometimes, she plays for a bit, but eventually always falls asleep.


After about an hour and a half and no peep, I heard her call....
"Momma, I weady to come ooooooouuuuuuttttttttt nowwwww."
So I told her that was fine. I was sitting at my sewing table and when she rounded the corner, I gasped and felt suddenly panicked because my baby girl was standing there in front of me covered in blood.
Then, a split-second later, I realized that she was smiling from ear to ear and did not appear to be hurt. At that moment, I realized I (YES it was my fault) had left the nail polish in EK's reach and she had given herself a manicure.

And since I didn't have much nail poish remover on hand, it took three days and a trip to MeMe's house to get it all off. The dress, I am afraid, is dead.
But hey, at least we got some cute pics of it! (I'll post those later.)

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Marsha said...

But you did what all good moms took pictures.