Friday, May 29, 2009


I haven't posted in a while because we have been super busy, as always.
Two weekends ago, the might, mighty Raptor tournament was....interesting. The boys stayed at my in laws' with little problem, but the tournament itself was a royal mess. We played one team that looked like it was compiled of pre-NBA super-stars and I doubt that they were 10 & 11. They looked more like my mom's 10-graders. The killed us in the first game. Shameful loss. Our guys were beat the minute they saw the other team do their warm-ups. We did play them again on Sunday, and although the mini-LaBrons beat us again, our guys played their 11-year-old hearts out and we were proud.

Here's Unc (AKA Coach Deuce) chaperoning the boys sleeping downstairs
That week we went to Auburn Family Fun Day, which is held every summer for Auburn employees and their families. It was big fun. Of course, Aubie served ice cream so it was pretty much a perfect scenario for Emma Kate. We played with our friends Allyson and Mary McKinnon and hung out with some "bassetball boyz" whose parents are Auburn-employed.

Then, back to MeMe and Hopps for the weekend because Uncle Todd and Aunt Margie were up from Ocala for Memorial Day! It was lots of fun and since they had not seen Emma Kate since she was 8 months old, they were amazed at how busy she is. I think they are convinced that she is the only 2.5 year old they have ever met that has no interest in television--not even cartoons or Disney movies.
This week it has been work and basketball--for we have yet another tournament this weekend. We know all of the teams that will be there this weekend, and while they are all contenders, there are no mini-Labrons or 16 year olds on the teams.
Wish us luck!

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