Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tommy Tummy and the Terrible Tickler

Ridiculous. That is all I can say. I knew that my brother, the writer, had been writing children's' stories for a very long time. Heck, he has been writing his whole entire life--the cursed son of an English teacher, I guess.And he writes very well; that is how he has made his living as a copywriter. But in late April, he sent me an email which included a link to his "story-telling" website. He asked me to forward it to friends I know, that may be willing to give him an honest opinion as to whether he should seek to have these stories published.Admittedly, I forgot about the site until I was cleaning out my email box this morning. I clicked on the link and put in my email address to enter the site. UMMMMMMMMMMMM--


He should have published these YEARS ago. They are better than most stories I have on EK's bookshelf. Better than the books she reads everyday at school and at bedtime. Better than most I have heard. I cannot believe that he is just now putting these stories out for someone other than his sons (he has three and one little girl on the way, so he KNOWS kids) to enjoy. It is just plain RIDICULOUS. Have I mentioned that yet??
So, please, visit this site. Enter your email address (it will not be used for spam, you have my word!) and listen to the first story, Tommy Tummy and the Terrible Tickler. Leave a comment; be brutally honest!
Tell you friends and tell them to tell their friends friends. And then, when it actually does get published, we'll invite you to the launch party ;-)