Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday School

Emma Kate is now old enough to be considered "Sunday School" as opposed to "Nursery." So every Sunday, we get up late (because we have been at Aubie's party the night before) and we head to church. Emma Kate gets really excited because her BFF is there and at that point it has been a whopping 24 hours since they have last seen eachother.

We put on a cute church dress, do our hair and take our time getting ready. We head out the door singing Jesus Loves Me and God the Father all the way to church. We get to her classroom and she runs in to see her Sunday School friends and then I head over to the santuary.


Nope, I walk right in. My friend Allyson and I thought it would be a great thing to teach 2 year old Sunday School every Sunday. Thus, we have our daughters and 4-8 friends all under three. God is truly teaching me patience. Oh yeah, and HE is reminding me that I did NOT miss my calling as a preschool teacher.
Really, it has been fun and I look forward to watching these little ones grow and teaching them about God's love. Oh yeah, and Allyson-- don't plan on any trips out of town for the entire year.


Marsha said...

Welcome to my world. I think God has a sense of humor.

Danny Thompson said... volunteered for this???

aedozier said...

I couldn't do it without you my friend!