Monday, September 14, 2009

Kinda Like Christmas

So, I feel like the bog has revolved around Auburn Football lately, but hey---I live here and work here and we love it, so I guess you'll just have to deal with it until November.
Saturday was a blast. We decided not to go to campus until 2:00 and Mikey T was out of commission with some 24 hour bug, so Mom, Emma Kate and I decided on a low key tailgate. Instead of dragging out tent, tables, food, chairs, and other tailgating necessities, we decided to just enjoy what if offered by the University.
Our first stop was the AU Alumni tent. Best. Idea. Ever. I mean, c'mon. If you belong to the Alumni Association, you get in free, if not, it is the best 5 bucks you will spend all day. Once you are in the tent they provide food, drinks, shade, a great band, face painting, chairs, and tables. The Ecology group was there with all kinds of creepy crawly things and Emma Kate was in love. She kindof took over. She held a snake (no pics);
a turtleanother turtle a gecko and more. The Raptor center was there with several different owls. And of course, Aubie made an appearance. We timed it perfectly as it was not yet crowded, and he was actually on his way out. As soon as he spotted EK heading his way, he turned around, plopped down on the ground so he was her level and they played for a long time like they were long lost pals. I *heart* Aubie.
Then we headed over to Coke Fan Zone, or, as my dear friend Marsha has coined it, "Jumpy Thing Hell." Again, we timed it perfect. As every other brave soul headed over to Tiger Walk, we headed to Jumpy Thing Hell. Thus, it was NOT crowded, there were no lines (except for the balloon man) and Emma Kate had a blast.
Since we see the balloon man like every other week as some function or another, Emma Kate just grabbed a pre-made balloon flower bracelet and we were on our way.
We headed into the stadium an hour before kick-off and we took the umbrella stroller, which was genius. It folded up and stayed at my feet all night. Then at 10:00 when it was time to head back to the car, we popped EK right in it and there was absolutely no whining. SCORE!
Emma Kate thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the game. She loves the people that we sit around; she loved when Unc got her some pop corn,she loved "stretching" like the football players before the game,she loves singing the National Anthemshe loves watching Aubie and Aubie's Bird, she loves the band and she loves the game.
We had been on campus since 2. She had no nap all day, but amazingly, she was a trooper. VERY minimal whining and lots of cheering and war eagling.
The next day, following church, she was in her room "taking a nap." We chuckled when we listened to her singing "Glory to Ole Auburn" through her door.


Marsha said...

My heart is full

The Fite Family said...

Amy Leigh, I must have some of that fabric...where did you get it???? And, copy that outfit.