Monday, September 28, 2009

Not a thing

That is what we did this weekend. In fact, I did not take one picture. That may be a first. We did not go to the game, because it was going to be another wet one. MikeyT went to Alabaster to visit his parents and play some golf with Hoppy. So, we didn't do a thing.
And since I hate a post without pictures, I will post some overdue pics of the Fall Festival at church two sundays ago......
Notice, EK with her BFF, Mary McKinnon...
I also have some pics from Emma Kate's "school" pep rally. Aubie, some cheerleaders and some football boyz came to have a mini-pep rally at the daycare .....It was cute!

I enjoy the last week in September and the first week in October. It is always the calm before the storm. Then, mid-October hits and before I know it, we are saying "Happy New Year!" In October and November we have a wedding in Virginia, some important doctor visits, a trip to the pumpkin patch, Auburn Halloween, Alabaster Halloween, Alabster Birthday party for EK, Auburn birthday party for EK, some more AU football, Thanksgiving and Auburn/Alabama weekend. Yikes, I better catch my breath now.

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Rory Gallagher said...

I require people to act as my proxies. You don't all have to be my proxy at the same time. But, if you do feel like there is a spot for a comment from me, then please say it. Have fun at the wedding and at Thanksgiving.