Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have you ever seen the rain?

Saturday started like a typical Saturday here. We headed to campus. Emma Kate spent some quality time with her boyfriend.
Emma Kate, as she normally does, thinks that all Auburn fans are her "friends." She has NEVER met a stranger in orange and blue. For example, we do not know these people. We were sitting across from them at the Auburn Alumni tent, and Emma Kate asked if she could go see them. She crawled in their laps and made instant best friends. They are obviously very good grandparents because they buttered right up to Emma Kate. She liked their Auburn attire. They liked hers. She liked their hair. They liked hers. She told them that Aubie was her boyfriend. They liked that, too.
We headed into the game early since it had been raining, there were no bouncy houses. Emma Kate grabbed a towel and started cleaning off everyone's seats.

She watched the "footbaw payers" warm up.

She patiently waited for the band to come out and, of course, her boyfriend. But then, we saw this....
I tore my bag open and threw a raincoat on Emma Kate. Luckily she already had on her rain boots. I realized that maybe the raincoat wasn't going to be enough, so I threw a poncho on over her coat. Then, as I was putting my poncho on, THE. SKY. FELL.

Emma Kate looked at me with a worried look on her face. I told her it was okay that we were wet. Then she smiled really big, looked up into the falling rain and said "War Eagle!" It was good.

We decided to stay, as we were already as wet as we were going to be, but then it started lightening and they attempted to evacuate the stadium. We stayed for a bit, but eventually we went home and watched the rest of the game from the warmth of mom's living room.

The Tigers pulled out a victory. We could step outside and hear the roar of the stadium, the drums from that band, the stadium announcer and we could see the blimp. It was a good night.

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