Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aubie's Party

Saturday was the season opener for our beloved Tigers. We staked out our tailgating spot Friday night and couldn't wait to get there Saturday! There were several hiccups (tent disasters, forgetting the keys to the truck, forgetting the hot dogs, etc.) along the way, but nonetheless, we made it to our spot at about noon.

All week, Emma Kate talked about Aubie's "big party." She did go to one game last year, but she had no recollection of it and was so excited that she was getting to go. We had to make her "Sissy" bear (It's a build-a-bear that has Ashley's voice programmed in it) a special Aubie outfit to match Emma Kate's. We brought her little picnic table to the tailgate. She wore her favorite Aubie gear, down to her socks, which she pointed out to anyone that would pay attention.
It was hot. I was tired. It was crowded. We had originally expected a large tailgating group, but many got stuck in crowds across campus and could not make it in time. They have fully and publicly apologized here. So, we had a low-key tailgate which was perfect and then we headed into the game about 5:20. We have 4 season tickets, which usually allows for Mom, Unc, Mike and me to get in the games. Mike decided instead of buying another $40.00 ticket for Emma Kate, he would stay out and watch it at the tailgate and Emma Kate would go in his place. Emma Kate and I headed to the stadium on our own because I knew it would take us a while to get there. I totally bribed her with the promise of some M&M's if she would walk as opposed to me carrying her.
She did great!! She had no nap, snacky food and it was hot as blue-blazins' but she did not complain once. She was in awe of all those people at "Aubie's party" and even tried to count them one time. Since she really only counts to 16, she was only off by about 87,435. She called the ref's "mean boys" when folks around us yelled at them for ridiculous calls (pass interference 1st quarter--puh-lease. ) She told everyone around us that her hot dog was yummy and that she had on Aubie socks. She almost cried with the eagle flew out of the stadium, but luckily her returned and ate his "big meat sandwich" on the 50 yard line. She looked at every female's big Auburn jewelry and asked why I didn't have any on. (Freeman, I am still sticking to our vow). She mimicked the "big girl" Bailey, whose family sits behind us. She put her hand over her heart for God Bless America and the National Anthem. It was so stinkin' cute.

She would have stayed to the entire game, but we thought rain was coming and headed out at half-time. We headed back to the tailgate and packed up, watched the end of the game, and beat the traffic home. She passed out on the couch--which she has never done--- and I scooped her up and put her in bed so that she could dream of Aubie's next party.


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Auburn football. Heh!, I got nothing.

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