Saturday, September 12, 2009


There is a reason why Auburn, Alabama is listed here as the Number 2 place to live in the US. There is always something fun to do, and there is always something fun to do with your family. It does help if you are an Auburn fan, at least in the fall, because all of those things are generally centered around Auburn Football.
It also helps if you have great friends, and we do. Thursday night we headed to the local Mexican dive to meet up with these gals. When these three get togther, it is all giggles and squeals.

Friday night we headed downtown to the Auburn Block Party. The city closes off the most famous spot in the city, Toomer's Corner, and a band sets up and plays for two hours. There are LOTS of kiddos in the cutest Auburn gear you have ever seen. Of course, we met up with these gals, again.

Today, I am making Emma Kate a new "Aubie" outfit with the fabric I have had for over a year. Then we will head to campus for bouncy houses, Aubie, cheerleaders and "aubie's bird," who will soar over the stadium before we watch the football game. Happy Saturday and War Eagle!!


The Fite Family said...

We had a great time this weekend, and if you ask me Auburn is #1 in my book! War Eagle.

aedozier said...

We had such a blast with yall this Thursday and Friday nights (and Sunday in 2 year old SS!)!! I am so happy that we have little girls the same age. Who knew in 96 that we'd have girls that are such good friends...or that we would be such good buds! I am so glad yall live here! It makes it that much more fun!!!