Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I don't like gravity....

People falling down is just funny. It is. I know it is awful to say that out loud (or in text) but it is just funny when someone goes SPLAT.
So, I thought you would all get a kick out of my morning. I was on campus walking from my office to Haley Center to go see one of my all time fav professors. As I walked across the recently opened concourse--right by the very active student center----I noticed how nice the place looked. There is nothing better than manicured green spaces in front of beautiful brink dorm buildings, in the shadow of the glorious Jordan-Hare stadium. As I walked in front of the bustling student center, I felt my very arthritic right knee start to crumble. It just gave up and I fell down. I was horizontal--face down--legs and arms crumpled into some contortionist fashion underneath me. I was humiliated. It was one of those funny falls, too. Where the person falling loses everything in their arms in a futile attempt to brace their fall and ends up flat on their face. Yep that was me.
It was one of those falls where people RUN over to the fallen idiot to make sure they are ok (which is really just to make sure the person is ok before they start laughing out loud at them, so they are not politically incorrect.)
With a the help of a very polite and non-English-speaking (well, I guess he was polite, he could have been calling me a moron to my face!!) graduate student, I made it to my feet again and collected my things (that were sprawled half-way to the quad) and checked my injuries: Scraped hands, scuffed knees and battered ego.
I turned to look at WHY I had fallen. The lawyer in me frantically looked for that "lip" in the sidewalk, the construction guy's misplaced electrical cord or some foreign substance that contributed to my fall. There was nothing. Just newly paved concrete--flat, bare and perfectly even.
I brushed myself off and gathered my composure and started that dubious task of WALKING again. A sweet student came up to me and told me some LIE about how she just fallen last week. I appreciated her compassion, but c'mon, just let me enjoy my embarrassment alone---do not pity me!!
So, now, almost every joint is aching and I am not happy with gravity or my knee. Maybe I can make it to my car this afternoon in one piece, but I am not all that confident.