Monday, November 3, 2008

Candy & Costume Contests

In Lee County, Alabama, Halloween festivities occurred on Thursday due to the all important high school football schedules. So, Thursday afternoon, I got EK from school early and took her home to get her ready for the big night. She loved her costume, so getting ready was actually really easy.

We headed to Auburn U. for the UPC carnival. The first thing EK did was make a mad dash for Aubie. She hugged his neck before she could think about it. Then, when she realized she was hugging him, she froze. She was re-thinking that decision. She slowly backed away and latched on to my leg.

She was a big hit with the Cheerleaders and the Tiger Paws.....and she really liked them too as long as they gave her the goods. She would rummage through their pumpkins full of candy until she found what she wanted, which for some reason was suckers.
One male cheerleader, Jake, tried for an hour to get Emma Kate to come to him, but he was unsuccessful. He finally tried making a trail of tootsie rolls to himself and that semi-worked. She allowed him one high-five and a short pose for a picture, but I don't think they will be long-term buddies.

They talked us into the costume contest, so we headed down to the cat-walk. The kids were supposed to head down the catwalk, turn around, and head back to the parent. I didn't think EK was even going to do it, because she was latched onto my leg, but once Miss Auburn University flashed that big bouquet of suckers (that was the grand prize), Emma Kate strutted her stuff down that cat walk. But, instead of heading back to me, she twirled around and then jumped into Miss Auburn's arms and gave her a big hug. Nothing like buttering up to the judges. Needless to say, Emma Kate walked away with a big bouquet of suckers.
Then we headed to "downtown" Auburn to meet up with our friends Ella Grace and May-May (Mary McKinnon). They enjoyed the fun for about 30 minutes until they were ready for food (other than chocolate). May-May and Emma Kate (and parents) headed to the Brick Oven for a little dinner and then home to bed. It was a super fun evening and Emma Kate was super cute. I am already trying to think of next year's costume. Stay tuned.