Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Rain

So as history has shown in the Thomas-Thompson bunch, November is always a rainy month. Not the water kind; November is when all the "bad" stuff happens in our families.

For example, five years ago this November, my husband (before he was my husband), was in an automobile accident that almost took his life. He and his Toyota truck fought with a tree and the tree won. He spent 29 days at UAB, most of it in ICU and some of it in Spain Rehab. He was critically injured and for the first week or so, it was "touch and go." If you have never been in a "touch and go" situation with someone you love, it is not fun. But, with God by his side, he pulled through. The wreck also taught us all a ton of lessons and pulled out the best in all of us.It really brought his family closer together. It brought me closer to his family and closer to him. His brother came up in the middle of the night and sat by his little brother's side. His mother relied on her faith like she had never before. His dad (AKA, Hoppy) was a rock that most families can only dream about. It made me realize that even though I met this person in high school (then it had been 11 years before) I still loved him and wanted him in my life forever. All of that in November.

November was also the month that my little brother was medically discharged from the Army. To me this was a silent blessing, because he was probably weeks away from heading off to a war zone, but to him this was devastating. After years of heartache and searching, he found something that he loved. And his darn knee wouldn't let him do it. That was hard on the whole family, but especially Michael. And it was November. (Actually the same November as Mikey T's wreck...when it rains it pours).
I could go on about all the hard life lessons we have learned in November. But really, all of that changed on November 8, 2006.

Now, two years later, Novembers have a whole new meaning for me and Mikey T. Novembers are full of joy and love and happiness.

You don't know when you are going through your "Novembers" where they are leading you. But they are simply God's ingredients in his recipe of your life. Standing alone some of the ingredients seem bitter, but when the recipe is complete, you have this wonderful creation. All of my Novembers have brought be here......and this is our wonderful creation.