Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Inhaler Adventure

Emma Kate had her 2YO "well-baby" check-up yesterday but she was a semi-sick baby. She has had a funky cough and some wheezing for a few days, so I knew what we were in for.

Last year, once we were done with the level 4 reflux-from-hell, we went straight into "she's not two so we don't call it asthma-asthma." She was on liquid albuterol first, then we upgraded to the inhaler with the mask. Emma Kate figured out the inhaler pretty quickly and we discarded the mask in no time.

So, come summer, we had no more symptoms and we did not have an inhaler for 6 months!! I thought she "outgrew" the "not-asthma" like most kids do before they are two.

Yesterday, however, the doc (who is also my friend) said "yep, she is wheezing in there."

Re-enter inhaler with chamber mask. I just knew EK would remember ol' red and it would be like old times when she just put it right up to her mouth and breathed in all of that good medicine that opens up her lungs.

Not so much. Her 2-year-old memory had no recollection of that thing. She thought I was trying to kill her. My mom tried the reverse psychology game--you know---"Emma Kate, you can't do the inhaler!! You can't do it, can you?"

Emma Kate sees right through this. But, playing off of the everything is "mine" phase, we went right into.....

Ma-Ma: This is my inhaler.

Emma Kate: No, ma-ma, es my hala.

Ma-Ma: No, it is MYYYYYYY inhaler.

Emma Kate: (now grabbing the thing and putting it to her mouth) No, ma-ma, es miyyyne.

So, we were once again succesful with the inhaler. This morning, when I told her we had to take it to school, she said, "My haler." Hopefully, it remains this easy because it sure does help her (and me and mikey T) sleep!!

Here she is with her blanket for school nap time and her "haler."